“Think About Your Eyes has new notifications.” I receive this Facebook update daily. At the gym. Leaving church. At the grocery store. Even though I may not be technically “working,” social media is engaging people 24/7.

Gone are the days of looking in yellow pages or an insurance company doctor directory. Patients now turn to the Internet to find a doctor and form an opinion through reviews. How can you stay ahead?

A first step is to control your Facebook presence. With nearly 80% of online Americans using Facebook, meet consumers where they are. Set up a page for your office and list basic contact information and details helpful for a new patient. Include a location for check-in. Add the office logo and a staff photo to make the business’s page look complete.

Once a page is created, the question is what to post and how often? Two things you need: realistic expectations and a content calendar. Start with two or three posts a week.

Now, what to post? It’s not as hard as you think. What’s making news in the vision world? Is a baseball player talking about his 20/10 eyesight? Link to the article! Don’t reinvent the wheel. Visit the pages for professional organizations and your colleagues and share their content. Think About Your Eyes posts seasonally relevant content multiple times a month to Facebook and Twitter, and you are welcome to share these posts.

Keep track of your online presence. Check regularly with a quick Google search. What pops up for your practice? Is it a listing on a website you didn’t know existed? Yelp reviews? Update these pages with correct information.
Want to show up higher in search results? Did you know having a listing on will improve your ranking and help promote your website and Facebook page. Plus, you’ll be supporting the campaign that promotes the importance of annual eye exams and led to more than one million additional eye exams in 2016.

Laurel O’Connor is the marketing and communications manager for Think About Your Eyes, the vision industry’s public awareness campaign promoting the importance of an annual eye exam, and for which First Vision Media Group is a media partner.


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