Telemedicine has truly arrived in optical. Patients can easily and quickly get an exam from an ECP who is potentially hundreds of miles away through 20/20 NOW, a 3-year-old
tele-ophthalmic service that uses FDA-approved equipment and proprietary software via HD video conferencing. The refractions are performed by Certified Ophthalmic Technicians (COT) then reviewed and e-signed by board-certified ophthalmologists. Patients receive a refraction and Rx in 15 minutes. “While our technology might be viewed as disruptive to some ECPs,
the pros are immediate access to care for patients, the ability to enhance revenue for optical operators, low-capital costs, and on-demand professional services,” says National Business Development Director Laurie Badone.

The patient uses a tablet for intake information which is transmitted to an electronic medical record (EMR). An autorefractor gets a baseline reading which is also sent to the EMR. If the patient wears glasses, those are placed on an auto lensometer for a reading. Then the patient sits in front of an autophoropter and through HD video conferencing, the COT conducts the refraction in real time. A preliminary report prints out in the exam room and is reviewed remotely by a board-certified ophthalmologist. The new Rx is sent to the practice’s EMR system.

Badone explains that the company worked in conjunction with its software manufacturer and developed its own back-end technology and protocols for real-time videoconferencing. ECPs will be able to see it for themselves at Vision Expo West.

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