To eliminate redundancy and improve speed, the Ice 900 comes equipped with Twin Jog Dials.

Santinelli’s Ice 900 blocker is designed with simplicity, speed, and function at its core.

Ask any experienced lab supervisor and he’ll tell you that a good lens finishing blocker is one of the cornerstone components in any lab. This piece of the eyewear production puzzle can be easily overshadowed when compared to all the bells and whistles today’s edgers and tracers bring to the table. When your goal is to produce the highest quality pair of prescription glasses possible, it all starts by blocking the lenses with precision. Santinelli International, Inc.’s Ice 900 CAD (computer aided design) lens blocking system promises to deliver that kind of precision.

This intelligent, motor-driven blocker incorporates a large 8.4-in. SVGA color LCD touch panel displaying a wide array of pertinent information such as the lens material, frame type, bevel style, lens type, and layout design. The Ice 900’s screen also displays the frame’s and patient’s pupillary distance to 0.10mm, along with exact height placement, lens size, and shape customization “buttons.” To make the system ergonomically accommodating for the operator, while either standing or sitting, the LCD panel also tilts from 27° to 60°.

Compatible with Santinelli’s Lex 1000, Le 1000, and ME-1000 edgers, speed and exclusive features make the Ice 900 an ideal blocker for both the retail and wholesale lab settings. The motorized lens blocking process takes only two seconds, thereby speeding efficiency, regardless of the finishing volume.

To eliminate redundancy and improve speed, the Ice 900 comes equipped with Twin Jog Dials. One dial controls the cursor along the entry fields, the other is used to fill in values. After data entry, the operator simply aligns the lens on the staging table with the LCD centration hash marks and it’s perfectly blocked. Since the unit uses optical imaging on the LCD screen, parallax error is eliminated. The “aero-nautical,” color-coded scheme on the LCD greatly reduces operator error.

TRAINING MADE EASY Other finishing lab equipment can be complex to use and require extensive training to master. The Ice 900 has a built-in information bar that provides step-by-step directions along the top of the screen, as well as an on-screen tutorial to make even the newest operator feel capable quickly. Having training features like this makes this intelligent blocker an even smarter purchase.

The Ice 900 features an Integrated Shape Imager (ISI) that can photograph a demo lens’ shape and drill holes (size and position). This image can be used as a tracer image for an edger or for drilling information with computerized drills or drilling edgers, and is supported by a “Wizard Tutorial” on the display screen. The lens’ shape can also be customized using the Advanced Shape Editor feature. All it takes is a simple swipe of the unit’s stylus pen. Once a custom shape has been created, it can be stored in the unit’s data management memory bank and/or sent as trace data to a lab via the Internet.

At only 10.1 in. W x 13.9 ft. H x 14.4 in. D, the Ice 900 takes up a minimal amount of workspace, making it an ideal addition for even the smallest labs. Standard accessories consist of spare fuses, interface cable, stylus pen, power cord, lens stage for shape imager, and a small diameter lens holder. Optional accessories include a barcode scanner and a USB flash drive.

Edger systems may get the limelight, but a good blocker is the foundation of any eyewear fabrication. Perhaps the Ice 900 is just what your lab has been missing.

Francis Gimbel, Jr. is an optician, private consultant, and manager of the PENN Optical Department at the University of Pennsylvania.

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