In today’s market, there are several useful and stylish cases for eyewear available that ECPs can offer their patients.
While all eyeglass cases protect eyewear to some degree, they often have no pizzazz and serve as a not-so-effective, one-size-fits-all solution. To that end, eyecare professionals (ECPs) sometimes view the

Astucci’s three-tier contact lens allows patients to manage all of their optical needs with the convenience of a single case.

case as a utilitarian item to give away, often only in a black or brown slip-in or flap style, and perhaps a barebones fabric option. Instead, what if ECPs approached the eyewear case as an opportunity to solve a problem or enhance the patient’s lifestyle? Here are some problem-solving cases to consider.

If you’re selling multiple pairs of eyewear to your patients, they’ll undoubtedly face the dilemma of figuring out where to store them, especially when they’re on the road. Corinne McCormack offers a beautiful solution with the Eye Valet Black. This case stores up to four pairs of eyewear in one convenient and durable box, available in classic black or in a leopard print. The separate compartments are roomy enough to accommodate just about any frame. The compartments can also be used to store jewelry or cosmetics.

Perhaps you have patients who need to change their eyewear while they’re out and about. Or maybe they need to make a quick switch that’s fuss-free. OptiSource International offers a case that makes it easy to wear one pair and keep another close at hand. The company’s Double Bubble case features a semi-rigid outer shell that offers the same type of protection as a rigid case without the bulkiness and excessive weight. It has a zipper closure to ensure the eyewear won’t slip out and a clip that can be attached to a belt loop or key ring. This case is ideal for golfers, hikers, or farmers who may need to make several switches between their clear eyewear and sunwear throughout the day.

Each of Hilco’s brightly colored cases for kids comes with a coordinating cloth.

Some practices see a large number of pediatric patients who rely on third-party pay and typically only receive a soft fabric case as part of that purchase. A hard, clamshell case provides better protection and potential for longevity for kids’ eyewear and peace of mind to parents.

ATTENTION GETTERS While accessories may not have the biggest dollar amount margin of the products you sell, they can still generate revenue for your practice. The best way to sell them is to merchandise them in ways that grab your patients’ attention and interest. Place high-fashion cases with your fashion frames on the board and in displays throughout your dispensary. Keep in mind that having a good selection of cases showcased alongside readymade readers will motivate patients to protect their readers’ investment as well!
Not only will your pediatric patients and their parents like the Leader cases from Hilco, the company’s new durable cases for kids, they’ll also enjoy the 6 in. x 7 in. microfiber cleaning cloth that comes with it. The cloths feature fun and whimsical designs including bumblebees, owls, lizards, and paw prints. Kids are sure to love these cases, which are available in bright blue, yellow, pink, and green.

We’ve all witnessed someone digging through a seemingly bottomless purse or an overstuffed messenger bag looking for an ever-elusive pair (or pairs) of glasses. For people with more than one pair of eyewear in the depths of that bag, Ron’s Optical takes the mystery out of knowing which pair is in which case with its innovative flip-top case. Featuring a transparent front and a hard, protective shell, the flip-top comes in a range of vibrant colors including blue, pink, yellow, purple, and green.

If your patients are looking for a cute and fashionable eyeglass case for the beach or warm weather, look to the Savanna Tote from Astucci US Ltd. This small case resembles a straw beach bag with faux-leather handles and has a fun, easy, relaxed look.
For something a bit dressier, consider the Natural Leopard Croco Africa Magnet, a clutch-style case from Corinne McCormack. This leopard-print case features a textured material with a magnetic closure. Capable of holding small-to-medium-sized eyewear, it offers the added benefit of protecting patients’ lenses from scratching with its soft-flocked interior.
An eyeglass case can be a lot more than a simple eyewear holder and it often carries more than just eyewear. Many women find the clutch and purse styles the perfect size for credit cards, a cell phone, and keys—these are convenient containers for traveling light. Offering cases that serve other purposes can broaden their op-tions and your bottom line!
PUTTING CASES TO WORK Have you ever thought of using the cases you give to patients as a marketing tool? California Accessories offers a printing service so ECPs can include a logo and pertinent practice information on any of the brand’s cases. Imprinting cases can regularly remind patients about your practice, thus improving patient recall and loyalty.
For a woman who’s heading out to dinner or attending a formal event, for example, carrying a purse with room for traditional eyewear cases isn’t always practical. Ron’s Optical offers the perfect solution with Mimosa. This medium purse-style eyewear case is equipped with a mirror and lipstick holder. An ideal accessory for a night out on the town, it features a floral scheme offered in pink, purple, black, and teal.
With space for glasses on one level and contacts cases, tweezers, two solution bottles, and a mirror on the other level, the three-tier eyeglass case from Astucci is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Patients will love having the option to manage their optical needs all out of a single case.
While cases may not deliver the biggest profit margin to a practice, they can provide patients with attractive and useful solutions for storing their eyewear. It’s a safe and stylish investment, and patients will appreciate having new and improved options!
Joy L. Gibb is the owner of Eyes of Joy Mobile Optical in Woods Cross, UT.
The Mimosa from Ron’s Optical is a medium purse-style eyewear case that’s equipped with a mirror and lipstick holder. OptiSource’s Double Bubble case features a semi-rigid outer shell that offers the same type of protection as a rigid case without the bulkiness and excessive weight.


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