Chic wardrobe? Check. Sexy shoes? Check? Glacée by Plan “B” Eyewear to pull it all together? Check! 

Eclectic and bold, the Glacée collection is created exclusively in-house using the finest finishing processes. Designed for the woman who values her eyewear wardrobe as much as her shoe collection, Glacée models in a myriad of hues and shapes serve as the perfect accessory to any outfit.

All of the frames in this collection use the finest materials that are sourced directly from Germany, Japan, and Italy and are built using European processes. Hand finishing and polishing is done with great attention to detail. This prolific collection features 170 models, each with its own distinct look yet connected to the collection by a communal sense of style. Glacée has also launched limited-edition, small-batch models, such as the GL6720 sunglasses.

The delicately perforated GL6764 catches light from every angle. Acid etching is used to create texture and depth, adding layers of style to this airy frame. GL6719, an over-the-top acetate model features an interesting layering process with fine cuts to reveal bright color beneath. A big, bold cat-eye that brings the drama, this is the modern-day equivalent of a power suit.

A brand-new release, GL6763, features a beloved shape in the collection, but it is given new life with stunning color. These new colors mimic freshly applied paint on an artist’s canvas, whimsical and daring. One of the inaugural styles of the collection, 6606 is the signature piece. With its bold cat-eye shape and beautiful demi-tort, it is undoubtedly a statement piece. This style comes in three hues and should be a staple in any women’s eyewear wardrobe.

Glacee’s thoughtfully conceived styling and extensive offerings make this a versatile, highly wearable collection.

Michelle Titzkowski is the practice manager at Vision Clinic Dr. Savin and Associates in Racine, WI.

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