Tony Hawk rocked the skateboarding world with his raw authenticity and style and a daring approach to a sport he embraced. Now Eyewear Designs Ltd. brings that same sensation to the eyewear world with its Tony Hawk Eyewear collection.


The collection is the perfect option for men aged 30 to 50, many of whom grew up idolizing Tony Hawk as a skater. Durability and innovation are reflected in the brand’s initial release, which consists of eight ophthalmics with an additional seven pieces to be launched later this fall. Styles come in a variety of plastics, metals, and combinations, and are available in three colors. Eyewear Designs brings the skateboarding lifestyle even closer to the eyewear collection with the addition of embellishments such as truck bolts and action sports graphics.


A modified rectangular shape, TH 502 is a combination frame with a traditional look. The sculpted metal temples have a discreet but edgy etching on the lower portion to give a break to the flow along the temple length; the “HAWK” logo appears on the outside of the temples.

TH 503 is a semi-rimless combination selection. Stainless steel is used for the frame front and continues onto the front portion of the temple. Just behind the HAWK logo, plastic brings the enhancement of the color choice onto the edge and inside of the temple, which gives the frame a dimensional layered appearance.

A unique technique of coloring can be found in TH 504, a full-rimmed plastic with a blended checkerboard color combination that appears on the inside of the temples. The main color is highlighted in the brand logo on the temple. Again, it’s discreet, yet edgy.

For the patient looking for a heavier appearance, consider TH 506. This full-rimmed plastic uses a square shape; layered complementary colors are visible on the edge of the frame front and in the HAWK logo. The eye is drawn to the four rivets in the upper outside corner of the frame front. This unique pattern gives a visual lift to the look.

TH 505 is a stainless steel full-rimmed rectangular shape. It has a lighter look but still uses color to give it a modern appeal. The color extends from the frame front to the temples where it blends into a complementary color.

A stainless steel frame with a thin-rimmed profile, TH 501 takes on a traditional appearance with its rectangular shape. The color of the frame front continues to the extended endpieces and temples where there is more width. Just after the frame logo, the color blends into a complementary hue, which in turn is integrated with a marble pattern on the temple covers.

TH 500 is a retro-inspired plastic frame with an authentic Tony Hawk makeover. Featuring a skull pattern artwork on the inside temples, the frame is perfect for the man looking to make a statement. A metal plastic combination frame, TH 508 is sophisticated yet cool and boasts a metal front with a cool plastic temple.


Eyewear Designs supplies its accounts with a Tony Hawk sign, a branded one-piece display, and a countercard. For many men, the Tony Hawk name is magic. Capture that excitement by offering Tony Hawk eyewear.

Jill J Luebbert is a certified paraoptometric and optician practicing in northeast Nebraska.


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