Gulden’s Diabetes Eye-Plus model demonstrates the effects of untreated/unmonitored diabetes on patients’ kidneys, nerves, arteries, and retinas.

HOYA’s digital Dr. Graham educates patients on how lens designs can have an impact on the quality of their vision.

From animations to hands-on demos, there are plenty of resources available to keep patients informed about eye health and vision products.

Not only can today’s eyecare educational tools clarify complex topics, but they also offer a level of engagement that better provides patients with a message they might otherwise ignore in a mundane brochure. Here’s a sample of what’s available.

Getting patients excited about a new pair of frames isn’t that difficult, but what about their lenses? When looking for an exciting way to tell the story of how lenses can impact the quality of patients’ vision, eyecare professionals (ECPs) can turn to HOYA VISION CARE, North America’s animated stars Professor Murray and Dr. Graham. The male Professor Murray personality offers ECPs a way to present HOYA’s lens and treatment advancements to prospective patients, incorporating animation and messaging in a fun yet understandable format. Dr. Graham is a female voice speaking from the ECP’s perspective. Her primary role is to complement the antics of Professor Murray’s character and to take on more serious topics when she speaks to patients.

By helping patients under-stand lens benefits with these digital characters, HOYA aims to assist independent practices differentiating themselves from the big boxes and anonymous online options, as well as to help patients validate their decision in accepting the doctor’s prescription.

Another fun animated character explaining the complicated world of free-form progressive designs to patients is Shamir Insight, Inc.’s Mr. Progresso. Mr. Progresso’s newest educational videos provide an overview of Shamir’s latest lens designs, the Shamir Golf™ and FirstPAL™. He’s able to explain the lenses’ benefits in a unique way that will be sure to keep patients entertained.

Driven by 3D-animated visuals and an intuitive interface, Eyemaginations, Inc.’s LUMA lets ECPs present complex information to patients to ensure they understand their ocular conditions and treatments. It can be used from the waiting room to the exam room (LUMA iPad Apps are also available) and is designed to fit seamlessly into a practice’s existing workflow with little to no training.

The company recently announced its latest software update for LUMA education. The LUMA v1.9.5 features a wide variety of new eyecare topics including tear osmolarity testing, exfoliation glaucoma, and mixing premium IOLs. It also includes a new series of silent waiting room vignettes that covers areas such as polarized lenses, macular degeneration pigment density and vitamin therapy, bladeless LASIK, and contact lens options. In addition, LUMA offers split-screen views offered within the Exam Advisor on such topics as refractive errors and cataracts. These unique animations allow for simultaneous views of both condition development and point-of-view perspectives.

The Transitions Vantage
lenses demo tools can actively show patients that glare can be reduced with the Vantage lenses.

Eyemaginations’ LUMA animations present complex information to patients to ensure they understand their
conditions and treatments.

Another educational option is the Vue Simulator, an interactive software that visually represents eye conditions and treatments. Its 3D animation, graphics, videos, and multiple viewing angles of the eye anatomy helps ECPs walk patients through their conditions to eliminate the fear of procedures. ECPs can use the slider to show progression of ocular conditions and the benefits of surgery and treatment options. The software also has the added ability to draw or write on the screen.

Don’t underestimate the value of eye models and hand demo tools. Gulden Ophthalmics offers various eye models including those that educate on astigmatism, glaucoma, and cataracts, as well as the anatomy of the eye. It newest model, the Diabetes Eye-Plus™, demonstrates the effect of untreated/unmonitored diabetes on patients’ four body systems—kidneys, nerves, arteries, and of course, retinas.

Patients can also experience the advantages of certain optical products firsthand. For example, Transitions Optical, Inc.’s new Vantage™ lenses demo tools consist of a glare simulator and lens lorgnette. The lens lorgnette and glare simulator help ECPs show that Transitions Vantage lenses not only darken but they also polarize. By asking patients to look through the lens lorgnette at the glare simulator in the indoor state (prior to activation), they will notice the lenses are virtually clear and there is a lot of glare in the picture. By activating the lorgnette and asking patients to look at the glare simulator again, they will be able to see that the glare in the image has been reduced.

Don’t forget those high-tech dispensing systems. Not only do these systems provide virtual try-ons and fitting measurements, they also incorporate patient education modules. These modules offer various learning features like demonstrations of premium lens products and information on eye anatomy and visual defects. Educational modules can be found in such systems as Carl Zeiss Vision Inc.’s i.Terminal™, Essilor of America, Inc.’s Visioffice System®, PFO Global’s SmartEyePix®, ABS, Inc.’s Smart Dispensing Technology, and Optikam from Optikam Tech, Inc.

All these educational tools have the potential to increase patient understanding while encouraging a level of patient involvement that helps maximize your time spent with them.

Marian Zboraj is Managing Editor of VCPN.


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