MIX AND MATCH Menizzi’s M3048K
WARM AND FUZZY Scojo New York Gels Plush readers
ON THE GRAIN Birch from Mondottica USA’s CB collection
LUSCIOUS LACE Flirt from Lafont

The use of texture, grain, embossing, and other treatments is trending in eyewear.

The fashion aspect of eyewear is not just its visual appeal but a tactile one as well. Eyewear companies are bringing out a plethora of choices that not only look good but feel good, too!

Wood has a feel to it all its own, and Mondottica USA has done a great job with look-alikes in its CB line. The grain lines in Birch, for example, create a subtle variegated look that give patients a frame that looks like wood but can be easily adjusted.

Take a metal frame, gently drop acid onto it to create a soft circle pattern, lightly apply a thin layer of acetate behind it and you get Lafont’s Flirt. This modified cat eye is a fun feminine frame with great texture that looks arty and sophisticated.

The Gels Plush reading glass by Scojo New York has a washable fuzzy velvet front with acetate spring-hinge temples. It comes in bright fun colors that will surely fly off of your shelves.

A matte finish on a frame brings its own unique feel. MATTISSE 66 in Rainbow 4M from MATTISSE Eyewear features a soft rainbow of pastel colors floating across the face. Each pair is handpainted for a one-of-a-kind look.

What happens when you take a thin layer of embossed silk and lay it onto a metal frame? You get Ogi Eyewear’s 4306. This frame is bold in its texture and look. Thicker metal in the frame helps show off the embossed silk, with one-of-a-kind patterns that give each frame a multifaceted look.

Mo Eyewear’s Move 267 has raised dots on the front eyebrow and temples taking a round frame and turning it into a funky look with an style. The texture of the frame creates a conversation starter for anyone who wants something creative.

Kid’s frames often don’t have anything special about them, but not so with Menizzi’s M3048K. This two-toned, deeper B frame has cool cutouts floating off of the front and continuing down the full temples. The details don’t stop there as the frame also mixes matte and shiny finishes on the frame’s front. This is a perfect frame for your tween patients.

Texture is a part of our lives in everything we see, wear, touch, and feel. Why not bring it into our dispensaries as well?

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.

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