Essilor continues to set the pace with UV protecting properties with its Crizal series of no-glare lenses.

Essilor has a portfolio of Crizal UV no-glare lenses to match every patient’s needs and budget.

The name Crizal® has become well-known by eyecare professionals (ECPs) and patients alike who want no-glare lenses. In this category, Essilor of America, Inc. continues to set the pace with its Crizal portfolio of no-glare lenses. For 2012, you’ll find four versions for everyday lenses and one specifically designed for sunwear. With this kind of product diversity, this portfolio offers something for everyone.

One thing you’ll notice is that all the lenses have UV protecting properties. I’m not talking about the lens materials; I’m talking about the anti-reflective (AR) treatment. It turns out that AR lenses that are highly effective in reducing visible light reflections actually increase UV reflections. In fact, research has indicated that lenses with AR actually demonstrate increased reflectance of UV from sources behind the wearer compared with non-AR lenses.

ECPs know UV can cause cata-racts, melanoma, pterygia, and other problems so it should come as no surprise that Essilor recently enhanced its entire Crizal portfolio by adding UV-reducing properties. Now, every Crizal lens provides the wearer with the most complete UV protection with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor™ (E-SPF) of at least 25. Crizal Sunshield UV™, specially designed for sunwear, offers an E-SPF of 50+ (see “UV Lens Protection,” above).

Crizal Easy UV™ is the Crizal portfolio’s entry-level product. Crizal Easy UV is the perfect fit for a price-conscious patient who still wants a premium quality no-glare lens. Crizal Easy UV offers a great topcoat that includes a smudge-resistant hydrophobic layer making these lenses easier to clean.

Crizal Alizé UV™ offers all that the Crizal Easy UV product does and upgrades the topcoat with Essilor’s High Surface Density™ (HSD) process that delivers a higher contact angle, thereby providing a higher level of smudge-free wear time. Crizal Alizé UV is the perfect answer for the patient who wants a lens that stays cleaner, longer.

UV LENS PROTECTION By incorporating a variety of factors and measurements that include both UV transmission and rear surface UV reflections, Essilor of America, Inc. has developed a UV protection factor for eyeglass lenses. Similar to the index used for sunscreens, this factor indicates the level of UV protection a person can expect from the lenses they are buying. Known as the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF), both clear lenses and sun lenses are rated. Essilor recommends an E-SPF of 25 for the most complete daily UV protection and 50+ for maximum protection on sun lenses. This simple rating will help consumers make more informed choices.

Crizal Avancé UV starts the upper tier of the Crizal portfolio. In addition to the HSD process, Crizal Avancé UV includes scratch resistance equal to that of glass lenses, and has anti-static properties to repel annoying dust and dirt. Crizal Avancé UV lenses are an ideal choice for non-glare wearers seeking easy care, great looks, and great vision.

Crizal Sapphire UV™ is the current pinnacle of the Crizal portfolio. In addition to all that Crizal Avancé UV offers, Crizal Sapphire UV adds Essilor’s Enhanced Light Transmission layer to provide unprecedented visible light transmission. When patients choose a no-glare treatment for night driving, Crizal Sapphire gives them the hightest light transmission that Crizal offers. For your most selective patients, those who will accept nothing but the best, Crizal Sapphire UV is the answer.

Essilor also offers Crizal Sun-shield UV designed specifically for sunwear. With an E-SPF of 50+, Crizal Sunshield UV provides maximum protection for your patients’ eyes.

All five of these products offer the same excellent two-year war-ranty that you can expect from Crizal.

You are already familiar with the many benefits of Crizal no-glare treatments. Now you can offer another advantage: UV protection. Essilor has a Crizal UV no-glare treatment to match every patient’s needs and budget.

John Seegers is a licensed optician at Ryan Vision Center in Henrico, VA and the creator of opticianworks.com.


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