A lot goes into a photo shoot and the one for the cover of this issue of VCPN was no different. For those of you who’ve been in the optical industry for a while, you’re sure to recognize the models-David and Peter Friedfeld of ClearVision Optical. The occasion was the launch of ClearVision’s latest house brand, PuriTi (see an overview of the collection here), and according to David, the cover is news itself.

“I didn’t realize so much goes into a photo shoot-outfits, hair, makeup, etc.-I thought you just show up,” said David. And then there’s the actual shoot and the photographer’s preparation. What made it so exciting was not only being able to view the shots right away but seeing them placed on the cover, giving everyone a chance to have real input, from the design director to the editorial director to the Friedfelds themselves.

“This is exciting for us,” exclaimed Peter. “We still think of ourselves as young and fun and we bring the spirit of fun to the photo shoot,” he added. Jokes were rampant and a lighthearted atmosphere ensured relaxed models. Check out some of the photos for a behind-the-scenes look at how work can also be entertaining!

Beth Schlau
Vice President, Editorial


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