Patients can now customize how much UV and high energy visible (HEV) blue light to filter from electronic devices with Healthe, LLC’s new Eyesafe digital device screen protectors.

Available with three retinal protection factors (RPF15, RPF30 and RPF60), Eyesafe screen protectors are made of a durable, thin and pliable polymer and have scratch-resistant properties. Each RPF comes with a different level of color: from the absolutely clear RPF15 to a blue-tinted RPF60, recommended for young patients or those who have sustained certain brain injuries.

Bill James, vice president and general manager of Minneapolis-based Healthe, said that Eyesafe maximizes protection against three concerns: digital eyestrain, potential retinal cell damage from long-term HEV blue light exposure and blue light’s impact on circadian rhythm. “Eyesafe is the highest-performing, clearest, blue-light-blocking product in the industry that is 100% compliant with industry standards,” James said. “We address the entire light spectrum between 200-1400nm with a special emphasis on two critical zones for UV and HEV blue light: 200-380nm and 300-500nm per the applicable ANSI Z80 and ANSI Z87 standards.”

Within each Eyesafe product are custom combinations of visible and light-absorptive dyes allowing for specific wavelength emissions. Eyesafe technology can also be embedded into glass layers. Other applications include lenses, computer monitors and contact lenses. The entire product line is designed and manufactured in the U.S. with cutting-edge chemistry used by the defense department, NASA and the aerospace industry.

Eyecare professionals can obtain the RPF60 through Healthe’s distributor Integrated Visual Technologies, LLC. The company offers a clinical kit that includes a product display for patients. To see the product in action, Healthe will be exhibiting at Vision Expo West next month.

Healthe, LLC . 844.439.3723 . eyesafe.com


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