VSP Optics introduced SunSync Drive XT extra-active, light-reactive lenses that get darker and stay dark behind automobile windshields. These light-reactive lenses not only respond to ultra-violet light like traditional photochromics, but they also respond to visible light, which is why they remain dark behind the wheel. Because windshields filter UV light, traditional photochromics do not react when worn inside a car.

Described by VSP Optics as “darker activated, clearer deactivated and faster for both,” SunSync Drive XT allows “you and your patients to test drive it risk free for 12 months,” according to the company, which offers a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

SunSync Drive XT is available in gray and brown in VSP’s wide range of single vision and progressive lenses, including Unity Via, Unity Via Mobile, Unity Via Plus, Unity Via Wrap; single vision Unity SVxtra and Unity SVxtreme; and progressives Unity Via Elite, Unity PLx, Unity PLxtra, Unity PLxtreme, Ethos and Ethos Plus.

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