With greater options for high-performance sun lenses, wearers of the non-athletic variety are getting in on the action. Lens technology has become one more area for customized, trendy looks, seen everywhere from couture runways to city streets.

According to Troy Anderson, go-to-market and communications manager for Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc., “The development in the lens technology arena is driven by the ongoing individualization of our lifestyles and-increasingly important-fashion trends.”

Cherie Gifford of Essilor USA agreed: “Technology is playing a bigger role in every industry — and fashion is no different. Making sure that you have the right technology for your vision is just as important as having the perfect outfit. Different lens colors add a unique feel to an outfit, and each color can change the way that you see the world around you.”

For the spring/summer 2017 season, get ready for tinted and boldly colored lenses, mirrored lenses, flat lenses and low profile lenses. To make the most of these options, Gifford suggests “mixing different base colors and mirror options to achieve a unique and customized look.” Individuality is the key to this season’s sun protective lenses, many of which are being tailored to the individual needs of patients and their working or wearing conditions.

The Essilor Sunwear Colors collection has expanded its available color selection, adding six gradient and six solid colors-including tinted lens quartz, polarized lens ruby and polarized lens copper-that fit under any of the three Xperio UV mirror colors. In addition to looking sharp, the mirrored lenses are scratch resistant and offer front and backside UV protection.

Jaguar from Eastern States Eyewear has also added mirrored hues in various shades of blue, warm neutrals such as gold and classic silver. Sama Eyewear follows the mirrored trend as well but adds its own unique twist; new styles for spring/summer ’17 offer a mirrored overlay that can be applied to part of a lens for a partial mirrored effect, leaving the other part of the lens in its natural state.

In addition to looking amazing, chromatic lenses also drastically improve the way patients see the world around them. Chromance, which allows for greater definition and enhancement of color spectrum, is a key technological lens development for this season, according to Fabrizio Uguzzoni, president of Luxottica Wholesale North America. Some of Ray-Ban’s most iconic frames have been updated with Chromance.

ZEISS Lenses
Victoria Beckham Collection
Essilor, style 8028 Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette, 6051 Eastern States Eyewear, Jaguar Frameri, Colors of Spring
with HOYA lenses

Zero base lenses started gaining momentum last season, and now there are variations on that theme. Sama Eyewear works with 2 base lenses, which appear flat but can work within larger frames without any distortion or change in depth perception. Also, the low profile lenses in the collaboration frame between Sama and Mechanix features a combination of round and flat titanium.

Two styles from Balenciaga from Marcolin give lenses the ultimate spotlight. In fact, the entire frame is made of lens! Style No. BA0095 is a geometric inspired shape while Style No. BA0096 is rounded and feminine. Both styles feature lens fronts and temples with metal accents to hold it all together.

Lenses also take center stage for the Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette collection featuring Titan Minimal Art in four strong color combinations. Two lenses, in round and angular elements, of differing colors are inserted into one another and seamlessly connected.

The Frameri Interchangeable Lens System could be the subject of a math joke. Featuring HOYA lenses, the system enables ECPs and patients to create more than 50 different frame styles for each of the three lens shapes, Tidal, Aerial or Prose. The frames keep the same optical center and bridge measurements but can differ in overall widths depending on style. The optical, sun and occupational lenses “pop out” and “snap in” for a quick and easy change any time of day, in any condition.

Kaitlyn Robertson has been writing for more than a decade with eight years spent covering the optical industry.


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