The average parent’s summer checklist can look like this – sign up kids for swim lessons, book hotel for family vacation, bulk buy sunblock. Think About Your Eyes is encouraging parents to add another item to that list, schedule an annual eye exam. This message not only encourages parents to stay on top of their child’s vision health, but it will also help determine any vision correction needs and implement a solution, whether it be glasses, contact lenses or other tools before the new school year gets underway.

Think About Your Eyes’ research shows that patients in the age range of 30-39 are most receptive to health messaging and, more specifically, more likely to act on Think About Your Eyes messaging for both themselves and their family members. This month, Think About Your Eyes will partner with professional athlete and lifestyle expert Laila Ali to promote the importance of scheduling an annual eye exam while kids are out for summer. Ali will share her own vision correction story of wearing glasses starting at age 11, as well as the experience of parenting a child who needed vision correction starting at age 5. Ali will appear in TV interviews across the country as well as promote annual eye exams to her Facebook audience of more than four million people.

These efforts are coupled with the ongoing advertising campaign, with TV ads airing on 41 cable networks, 22 million online video ads, and 230 million online banner ads. In a first for the campaign, radio ads will feature popular national radio personalities Ryan Seacrest, Jon Tesh, Mario Lopez and Delilah. These ads are expected to reach 85% of the target audience of patients.

With recent data showing that Think About Your Eyes’ efforts yielded 3.4 million incremental eye exams in 2017, resulting in industry revenue of $752 million, the campaign is working. These results wouldn’t be possible without the support of leading companies in the industry and the 43 optometric state associations that stand behind the campaign. We invite everyone in the vision industry to support those who are supporting our industry and helping it grow. Visit to learn more.

Dana Fairbanks is the director of marketing for Think About Your Eyes. Think About Your Eyes currently lists more than 21,000 eye doctors on its online locator and reaches more than 85% of its target audience through a combination of advertising, media relations and social media promotion. First Vision Media Group is a media partner of Think About Your Eyes.


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