The incorporation of understated color into frames can offer just the right level of personality for male patients.

Frequently described as “splashes,” or “walls,” or as being “blocked,” colors can certainly define an eyewear style or a collection. However, sometimes a more subtle use of color brings a design the distinguishing factors it needs to be offered a seat at the effective-use-of-color table. As many styles dive into summer with splashes of color, here’s a look at some of the less flashy-but no less aesthetically pleasing-uses of color in men’s eyewear.

ClearVision Optical’s IZOD collection is one of many brands working the refined angle with color for men. The company considers color one of several ways to personalize styles for wearers and in some styles it accomplishes this by offering temples in bright colors with more “quiet” frame fronts. “Personalization is one of today’s biggest trends when it comes to fashion, whether it’s footwear, clothing, or eyewear,” says Peter Friedfeld, executive vice president. “We created this collection because we felt that the ability to customize a look with color would appeal to consumers who are seeking on-trend styles. And it reinforces the IZOD brand’s colorful, youthful image.”

Argyleculture Eyewear from The McGee Group has a few strategies for color use, including the insertion of vibrant colors between more neutral hues. Laura Khligh, senior designer, describes the approach used for the Bolden style: “We laminated the acetates for Bolden with a hint of blue between the layers of black and tortoise,” she explains. “The bevel cutting on the frame allows some of the blue to shine through for a color that is organic and not overpowering.”

ImageWear’s Callaway and London Fog Men’s new releases balance bold colors with strong neutrals to bring style and functionality together. Belinda Bellows, director of new product and marketing, states, “The Callaway Blackstone features tortoise neutrals with subtle color highlighted on the backside in double-laminate plastic, and a masculine metal frame with rubber detailing on the temples makes the Callaway Inkstar an ideal style for the sportsman.”

Jason Shyer, managing director, Eastern States Eyewear, addresses the effect of contrasting colors and the value it adds to a frame’s overall look. With regard to Jaguar Spirit (Style No. 33563), he says, “Jaguar utilizes a more classic men’s color-navy-as the outside front color contrasting with an interesting, eye-catching color-rust-that we additionally see a hint of on the endpieces. Combining this color work with a fashionable, masculine design defines Jaguar Spirit as a great choice for style-conscious men.”

Other accent colors, like red, orange, and green also get their moment of glory in collections like WestGroupe’s Evatik. Beverly Suliteanu, creative director and vice president of product development, reports, “We are constantly evolving our color palette as men become more daring in their eyewear choices and the colors they will wear.”

Nouveau Eyewear’s Van Heusen Studio is another brand worth noting in this category. “Van Heusen Studio combines modern style with one of the world’s historic men’s brands,” says John DeLuna, marketing director. “Coming from a name they can trust, men are more willing to take a little chance with their style. Subtle color can make a big impact on a guy’s style.”

The opportunities for men’s eyewear to show off a bit of creativity when it comes to color don’t stop with these brands. Many leading frame manufacturers are pulling out the stops to put color to work, but not overtime!

Rachel Bozek is a writer and editor who includes the optical field as one of her areas of expertise.

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