Vance Wright, president of Inspecs USA, freely admits that rimless “isn’t a massive part of any business,” but he’s quick to point out that eyecare professionals (ECPs) are always looking for better technology in this category. Namely, more efficient construction, increased patient satisfaction with fewer trips back for adjustments and more repeat sales.

So when Wright found Seemless bonded rimless technology-which had been test marketed since 2003-he knew there was a need in the U.S. market. Inspecs’ patented Seemless system uses a wider, oval pin rather than the typical method that uses two round holes. The pin has horizontal and vertical grooves on its surface to form a key, and a specially developed adhesive that fuses to the lens material. Since the adhesive acts like a buffer between the lens and pin, it eliminates the stress in the lens that’s often created by pressure assemblies. The whole process is fast, doesn’t require a more skilled staff and there are no parts for the optician to lose. And that is a win-win-win situation.

Launching for spring/summer ’17, the Seemless collection comes in three categories of sporty (four styles), classics (three styles) and fashion designs (five styles) for a total of 35 lens shapes that can be mixed and matched; each of the 12 styles has three colors. The collection is carried both through Inspecs USA and Kasperek USA Optical for existing customers who wish to continue to make their purchases through the distributor.

As for lens materials, most plastics, including Trivex, PNX, polycarbonate, 1.61, 1.67, 1.70 and 1.74 index, will fit the bill. According to Wright, patients will appreciate the fact that there are no parts to come loose that can reduce comfort or affect visual performance. Since there are no posts of compression fittings protruding from the lens, cleaning is a cinch. There is also a debonding agent that allows lenses to be removed, so the frame can be fully reglazed for a new Rx.

“The manufacturing process of this eyewear is really unique,” Wright said. “The chemical process bonds the pin so tightly, the frames won’t loosen over time. It reduces remakes, saves the ECPs’ time and increases patient satisfaction.” Now, that’s great technology making a difference at work.

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