For those who gravitate toward the urban appeal, look to the Simon model within McGee’s Agyleculture collection.
The use of embellishments in Style No. AK5022 within the Anne Klein collection by Altair transforms this stainless steel style.
Style No. 7220 in the Alpha 23 Lightec collection by Morel is a stainless steel, uber-slim concept with temples that measure just 2.8mm.

Metal frame materials aren’t necessarily known for their fashion aspect but that’s about to change with some stylish stainless steel designs.

When you think of stainless steel material, what comes to mind first? Strong, durable, non-corrosive, perhaps manly? Take a look around in our eyewear world and you will see this marvel material appearing in a range of frames with a new fashionable look.

Previously, stainless steel had the reputation for offering shades of silver, gray, and black. While these hues remain today, it is the additional colors in the palette that is of the moment. Who knew that stainless steel could be so chic?

Take a look at the Plume Paris Collection by Best Image Optical, Inc. and you will see a perfect example of this trend. The Vatan model represents the beautiful landscapes of the charming village of Vatan in central France. Color combinations like matte green/olive hark back to ambience of this small rural community.

Because stainless steel is amazingly strong and durable, frames made from this material can be thinly carved out while maintaining their resilience. As a result, stainless steel frames may be slim and stylish at the same time.

An example is semi-rimless Style No. 7220 in the Alpha 23 Lightec collection by Morel. It is so thin that the temples measure just 2.8mm at their widest point. Handsome, slender, and fashionable, this all-metal uber-slim concept uses 100% stainless steel for a complimentary and extreme slim look for men.

Stainless steel is also used to create raised patterns and adornments on today’s eyewear. The strength of this solid material allows for flawless results. And adding decorations and embellishments takes an ordinary frame style and transforms it into well…extraordinary.

Style No. AK5022 within the Anne Klein collection by Altair Eyewear showcases this. This impressive semi-rimless features pyramid casted-metal studs on the outer sides of both temples. This sophisticated piece bears the iconic Anne Klein logo on the left temple too.

The attraction of vintage eyewear continues to be popular with the look of yesteryear plus an added twist of today. In other words, the look may be similar to your grandfather, yet there are subtle and attention-grabbing properties that the eyewear possesses. Choosing stainless steel material enhances this trend as it reaches out to the metrosexual consumer.

And for those who gravitate toward the urban appeal, look to the Simon model within the Agyleculture collection by The McGee Group. This full-metal stainless steel frame is inspired by the clubmaster look of the ’50s and ’60s. It is large in size, features a thicker upper browline, and a combination of flat and rounded material. The Simon speaks to the urban graduate male who, like his predecessors, is making it on his own.

Stainless steel serves more than just one purpose for eyewear today. Because it is strong and durable it can be carved out for amazing eyewear designs that offer fashion flair, unlike stainless steel frames of yesteryear that were merely functional. Today’s eyewear made from stainless steel tells a different story.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and optical consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

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