BY THE TIME you read this, the 21st Winter Olympic Games will have already begun in Vancouver, Canada. And with the majority of the sports taking place in the great outdoors, athletes are outfitted with not only apparel and sports-related gear, but performance sunwear too.

Being on their game is crucial to these athletes so today’s sports-performance sunwear manufacturers are heeding the call to them as well as to weekend warriors everywhere and continuing to upgrade frame and lens technology.

Silicone nosepads, rubber temple tips, and form-fitting frames that prevent slippage are all prominent features in the season’s sunwear. And more frames come with lighter-weight materials so that sunglasses become an extension of the head, not something that weighs on it.

Wind, fog, and dirt are all factors that inhibit performance, so there’s been an uptake in the number of sunglasses with facial seals—some of which are removable—and air vents. Wrap sunglasses continue to remain strong as they provide athletes with another way to keep the natural elements out of the eyes.

Interchangeable lenses offer athletes more options in the same pair of sunglasses. Sunwear companies are promoting these lenses—whether they are an Rxable pair, photochromics to deal with constantly changing light conditions, or polarized options, for example—to provide outdoor enthusiasts with more bang for their buck.
Whether it’s snowboarding, luge, or biathlon, or any other outdoor winter sports, join the ranks of the 21st Winter Olympiads and get yourself the latest in sports-performance sunwear. n

Beth Schlau
Vice President, Editorial


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