Rx swim goggles from Baby Banz have two changeable bridges for a proper fit.
Sports goggles can bring new business to your practice if you get the word out there.
With so many people needing eye protection for sports activities, many eyecare professionals (ECPs) are missing a real business opportunity by not offering goggles and marketing them if they do have them. You can really serve patients and grow your business by taking in this niche product and actively letting current and future patients know about them. Here are some examples on how to do this.

Swimmers and others engaged in water sports are ideal candidates for goggles and there’s a variety of Rxable options to choose from. For example, beginner and seasoned swimmers alike can use Liberty Sport’s Shark and Shark Kids. Hilco’s Water Sports Vision Program includes an affordable swimming goggle designed to approximate a patient’s spherical prescription in each eye—ranging from -8.00D to +8.00D. Both lines offer a tight-fitting seal to keep the water out and wearers’ eyes clear.

Rx swim goggles from Baby Banz (in powers ranging from -1.00D to -5.00D) accommodate anyone aged 3 and up, with two changeable bridges for a proper fit.

Display goggles with some swim fins, a snorkel, and a diving mask. If you have a lot of room, you can even use a beach ball, a little sand, a pail, and shovel. This will surely grab attention.

My practice is on what we call “Motorcycle Alley” because there are more than 75 motorcycle-based shops concentrated within a two-mile strip. This means that in my office, displaying motorcycle goggles is an absolute necessity. With its interchangeable foam eyecups and changeable temples/strap combination, Wiley X Eyewear’s SG-1 is a great choice to keep the wind, dust, and debris out, and vision crisp. 7eye’s Airshield sports a detachable foam Orbital Shield that keeps wind and debris out of the eyes.

The tight seal on Liberty Sport’s Shark goggles keeps the water out and the wearer’s eyes clear.

Acuity Eyewear is introducing its Progear Eyeguard goggle for motorcycling and other sports. Made with a polycarbonate frame and lenses along with a generous rubber-like bridge insert, each goggle comes in three sizes and four colors and includes a detachable Velcro safety strap.

To attract the motorcycle rider, try a banner on the outside of your building stating that you offer Rx motorcycle eyeglasses and goggles. Work out a deal with your local motorcycle shop for their mailing list and direct mail or e-mail motorcyclists who recently bought a bike, telling them about the eyewear you can offer to them.

Like most ECPs, you probably have a limited marketing budget, so it’s important to use your resources wisely. Most consultants will tell you that your Web site is a critical place to market yourself, your office, and your products and services. Many consumers research products and services online before they buy. With this in mind, be ready by displaying interesting information and eye-catching images so they’ll want to come to your office.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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