Toronto-based Specsy introduced its 3D-printed custom eyewear line to the U.S. at Vision Expo East. Specsy creates 3D-printed custom frames that are designed in-store with augmented reality and 3D scanning. Using 3D scans and a digital design process, Specsy allows patients to design frames on a live image of their face and provides eyecare professionals the opportunity to offer a truly customized frame.

“Specsy will change the way optical professionals approach frame fitting by removing any restrictions currently faced when working with a fixed inventory of frames,” said Milan Madhavji, Specsy’s chief technology officer. With a plastic resin frame forming their core collection, Specsy has their eyes set on offering a custom metal frame in late 2018 and new innovative materials into the future.

It takes about five days to create one complete pair, including eight hours to print the frame components and 72 hours to polish them. The Specsy process can even replicate any pattern sent to the company to be molded into a pair of eyeglass frames. For a live demonstration using your own face, click here. To become a Specsy optician, click here.

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