One lens does not fit all, as proven by these unique designs created for specific wearers.

Available exclusively through independent ECPs, the Eyezen+ lens series from Essilor protects against digital eyestrain in three powers for patients of varying ages.

High technology optics are constantly sought to satisfy patients’ visual needs, so lens manufacturers have introduced the following specialty lenses.


Eagle Vision Returns with the Raptor lens from Cherry Optical, Inc. of Green Bay, WI. Available in Rx and plano, the Raptor lens begins with medical grade blue blocking and UV treatments that aid in visual contrast in all light conditions. The non-polarized lens allows the wearer trouble-free viewing of instrumentation and computer screens. In addition, Raptor lenses are supplied with a proprietary backside anti-reflective coating to eliminate annoying reflections and increase light transmission.

Raptor lenses are offered in a variety of lens materials with Trivex being the preferred material of choice due to superior optical clarity and impact resistance. The lens color of the Raptor is another major feature of the lens. The base color is a light yellow, which transitions to deep amber-brown tones depending on light conditions. This variable color capability is sought after by shooters, hunters, law enforcement and LASIK patients who have night vision issues.

Furthermore, this variable tint feature expands vision capabilities in fog, snow and rainy conditions. The Raptor lens will be a favorite of anyone who drives extensively. Finally, the Raptor lens is an excellent choice for low vision patients or individuals with eye disorders requiring a light filtering capability in their lens.


Rain, snow, fog and general night driving are challenging driving conditions, with two-thirds of reporting adults indicating they experience visual difficulty in harsh driving conditions.

DriveSafe Lenses by ZEISS incorporate three key elements in lens design to sharpen vision while driving:

Luminance Design Technology calculates the lens design by taking into account the optimal pupil size in low light conditions.

ZEISS Duravision is a specialized DriveSafe coating that reduces headlight glare and protects from harmful blue light.

A special progressive lens design features a 43% larger mid-distance zone for easier vision and tracking when a patient alternates from the dashboard to side mirrors. Also, the distance portion of the lens incorporates a 14% larger distance area for a wider viewing area of the road.

Also from ZEISS is the EnergizeMe lens specifically designed for contact lens wearers, who tend to over wear their lenses, resulting in digital eyestrain and general fatigue. Its Digital Inside Technology and DuraVision BlueProtect coating provide optimum comfort and protection from digital eyestrain and harmful blue light conditions. Three available designs are single vision, digital and progressive lenses.


Created as the occupational eyewear of the 21st century, three new task-specific lens designs from VISION EASE are designed for wearers’ working lifestyles, whether in an open office setting or a workstation cubicle. (See Vision Care Technology NEW page 58 for details on VISION EASE Computer, Desk and Office lenses.)

Other VISION EASE lenses are aimed at active multitasking presbyopes and first-time progressive wearers.

The VISION EASE Everywhere lens utilizes a soft design that lends itself to new and experienced progressive lens wearers. The lens is visually comfortable for the wearer due to a wide distance area. In addition the lens is readily adaptable to a variety of B frame measurements and has variable insets for proper orientation of the progressive corridor.

The VISION EASE Everywhere+ lens provides the same features of the Everywhere lens with the addition of advanced customization when required by the Rx and patient lifestyle. The customization option takes into account fitting vertex distance, wrap angle (face form) and pantoscopic tilt.

The VISION EASE Narrative utilizes an extreme soft design that works well for first time progressive wearers. The transition from distance to near is smooth with a wide corridor for near viewing. The lens also features a variable inset capability for precise corridor alignment and flexibility for various fitting cross heights.

HOYA placed a modest plus power increase near the bottom of a single vision lens for young adults (HOYA Sync 5 BKS) and for early presbybopes (HOYA Sync 8 BKS).


HOYA has taken custom lenses a step further with the HOYA Sync lens designs. HOYA recognizes two groups of individuals who could benefit from a modest plus power increase near the bottom of a single vision lens. Two lenses were created to address this issue, the HOYA Sync 5 BKS and the HOYA Sync 8 BKS.

HOYA Sync 5 BKS targets younger adults, students and emmetropes who read extensively or use digital devices throughout the day. The wearer enjoys up to a +0.53D increase toward the bottom of the lens to reduce eyestrain.

HOYA Sync 8 BKS can be used by early presbyopes who are not ready to move into a progressive lens choice. The gradual add power boost is up to + 0.88D.

A further customized lens design from HOYA is the iDMyStyle2 progressive lens design. Understanding that both eyes are unique, each lens can be customized for each eye using Binocular Harmonization Technology, which takes into account the right and left Rx as individual components and calculates the required corridor length and progressive power distribution. This is achieved by using a three-step process of determining the patient’s lifestyle and visual needs, discussing the patient’s history of other lens designs and finally noting position of wear with respect to the frame and measurements. By considering differences between both eyes, the iDMyStyle2 lens ensures both eyes receive equal accommodative support.



Building on the success of Shamir’s Autograph series of lenses, the Autograph III is based on a balanced progressive lens design holistically adapted to the patient’s Rx and utilizing a number of other factors including:

EyePoint Technology III simulates real world images to design lenses that improve vision regardless of Rx and frame.

Natural Posture: The near viewing area is dynamically located within the lens corridor, taking into consideration the plus or minus powers of the Rx. This reduces the need for wearers to tilt their head back to view a near object or move an object around for proper viewing.

INTELLICORRIDOR controls the power profile of the lens, resulting in a better viewing area for patients with a lifestyle that includes extensive computer use and digital devices.

AS-WORN Technology ensures that the patient’s lenses once mounted into the frame will provide the same viewing comfort and visual acuity as refracted. This is accomplished by using the refracted Rx, frame parameters, fitting cross heights and far monocular PDs, panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt and the fitted vertex distance.



Recognizing the importance of single vision lenses in the defense against digital eyestrain, Essilor has created the Eyezen+ lens series, which are only available through independent eyecare professionals. The digitally surfaced Eyezen+ lens protects against digital eyestrain from myriad sources and comes in three power levels to provide accommodative relief:

•  Eyezen +1 for patients aged 18-34 with 0.40D power relief

•  Eyezen +2 for patients aged  35- 44 with 0.60D power relief

•  Eyezen +3 for patients aged 45- 50 with 0.85D power relief

In addition, all three lens offerings reduce harmful blue light exposure by 20%. Finally, Essilor provides extensive training materials and educational tools at EyezenPro.com.

Richard W. McCoy, BA, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC, is the head of the opticianry program at Reynolds Community College in Richmond, VA.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. 800.358.8258 • ZEISS.com/Lenses // Cherry Optical, Inc. 920.469.2559 • CherryOpticalInc.comCustomerService@CherryOpticalInc.com // Essilor of America, Inc. 800.542.5668 • EssilorUSA.comEyezenPro.com // HOYA Vision Care, North America 877.528.1939 • HoyaVision.comSalesSupport@HoyaVision.com // Shamir Insight, Inc. 877.514.8330 • ShamirLens.comInfo@ShamirLens.com // VISION EASE 800.328.3449 • VisionEase.comInfo@VisionEase.com


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