A flurry of eyewear-focused blogs has recently hit the Web. Here are a few that are sure to keep you in-the-know on all things related to glasses.

Started by Rob Moss, a former journalist for UK’s Optician magazine, Eye Wear Glasses blog goes by the motto: Kick-ass glasses for the four-eyed classes. “On the one hand, it’s quite a selfish thing. I have a passion for good spectacle design. On the other, I really want to help educate people about the best glasses in the world,” said Moss.

Set up as a mainly pictorial blog, Eye Wear Glasses’ mission is to become a resource for anyone choosing a new pair of specs or sunglasses. In addition to providing exposure to some of the more obscure brands, Moss says he also is eager to chart the progress of eye fashion, in the U.S., Europe, or beyond. “I want to educate people about the beauty, variety, and some of the history of eyewear, and help them spot upcoming styles and cool brands.”

As an employee of the National Library of New Zealand, Jo Eaton is an unlikely eyewear fanatic…or is she? Eye Heart Glasses is her blog dedicated to treating prescription eyewear more like jewelry. Eaton explained, “I’ve always loved shopping for new glasses and trying on lots of frames,” which is why she blogs on anything quirky, glasses-related, as well as creative people she admires, interesting TV or film characters, glasses she would actually wear, and real people from street-style photo blogs wearing great eyewear.

“I want people who have to wear prescription eyewear to feel as if they can treat their glasses like a fashion item rather than a dorky burden. And, people spend as much on a pair of shoes as they do on a pair of glasses, so why not have multiple pairs?” she said.

Industry veterans Shirley Platzer-Stocks and Cathy Ives created The Optical Vision Site to inform, inspire, and encourage independent retailers, optometrists, opticians, sales reps, and optical manufacturers to compete in the optical workplace. Featuring daily tips and unique content, this blog is often amusing, as it strives to make the optical industry more fun and exciting so that this notion translates to patients as well.

The Optical Vision Site’s mission is to be the ultimate resource for all things optical, and it does so by covering subjects such as: optical education, business knowledge, information technology, marketing, managed care, retail strategies, product knowledge, sales skills, merchandising enhancement programs, and quick resource links.

Check out these blogs for frequent updates on the latest happenings in the world of eyewear. Not only will you expand your knowledge on the industry, but you may just learn about a new product or collection that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Ana Montoya is Associate Editor of Vision Care Product News.

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