Roger Bacon’s Custom 3D Frames from Eyenavision Are Truly One of a Kind

The human face isn’t symmetrical, often creating eyewear fitting challenges. Enter Roger Bacon Eyewear, a made-to-order collection for independent ECPs that uses biometric scanning and 3D printing to produce a distinct frame that accommodates every nuanced feature of the wearer’s face. Launched at Vision Expo East last month, Roger Bacon Eyewear will be distributed in the U.S. by Eyenavision in July.

Roger Bacon was a philosopher in the middle ages who developed the modern scientific method and made many significant contributions to the field of optics. His innovative practices inspired two Dutch engineers, Pieter Jonckheer and Jan-Berend Zweerts, to develop their custom eyewear system and named it after him; a scanner connects to an iPad and visualization unit that allows the wearer to preview any frame in the collection using their own image shown on the LCD display. “Conventional frames are symmetrically designed. Roger Bacon recognizes most people have asymmetrical features, whether it is the shape of their nose or the position of their ears,” said Joseph G. Zewe, president and CEO of Eyenavision.

Patients can choose from more than 20 frame shapes, each available in 10 colors, with new frame designs continuously added. The frames are custom printed, and the parts are sent to Eyenavision for final inspection and assembly. “There is tremendous demand for custom and personalized products. Patients also desire unique in-store experiences. Roger Bacon offers both of these capabilities,” he added. Moreover, since the technology provides measurement information that conveys the position-of-wear data, patients will also be able to order custom digital lenses.

According to Zewe, Eyenavision plans to have more than 300 ECPs using the system-which he says will help practices streamline inventory and reduce costs-by the end of 2017. “Our frame collection will evolve with technology, which means eventually we will be 3D printing in other materials including metals,” he said. “We believe those ECPs who invest in Roger Bacon are making a long-term investment in their future.”

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