DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE Silhouette Titan One 4481

OVER AND UNDER Zyloware Randy Jackson RJ1018

INNOVATIVE DESIGN green by Thomas Trauth of Germany TK from Acuity Optical

Rimless eyewear steps out of the box with some unique styling in the form of screwless frames.

crews have been a part of rimless eyewear for centuries. It’s how most temples articulate and rimless mountings hold their lenses. But some rimless eyewear dares to be different by using no screws, thus creating some exciting designs.

The Titan ONE Signature Collection from Silhouette may look simple-there’s one piece of titanium carefully crafted to bend and flow through the lenses and across the bridge-but it takes almost 200 steps to produce this piece of jewelry for the face. It has neither screws nor hinges and the lenses are attached at only one point. Weighing in at a whopping 3.24g, this is probably one of the lightest frames to be created. More than 50 years of Silhouette’s expertise has gone into this revolutionary design.

Offering a unique take on eyewear, green by Thomas Trauth of Germany from Acuity Optical is produced with a focus on sustainable production through innovative design. The hinges are made using a small barrel that the temple and front endpiece wrap around and seem to hug. The unique hinge is followed by a nosepad that swivels 360° and can be fit comfortably onto the most challenging bridges. There are endless combinations to make rimless beta-titanium styles in this collection. Colors include black, gunmetal, blue, red, and fuschia.

Randy Jackson RJ1018 from Zyloware Eyewear has a truly novel take on getting rid of the screws in the hinge. The front endpiece angles back toward the temples, threading itself through the temple twice and ending up turned down and inserted into a sleeve that allows the temple to rotate into an open and closed position.

In Flair 601, the temple is attached directly to the lenses. Flair’s patented system of fastening the lenses, temples, and bridge by tying them onto each other creates a truly unique frame. Two tie-down mountings on each lens allow the rounded endpiece to fold shut, while staying securely mounted to the lens. The bridge is also mounted using the Flair tie-down system. The endpiece and temples in pure957 “twist” into each other, thus creating a coil. The lenses and temples are held in place using tie-downs.

Screwless design adds a new look and functionality to an old eyewear concept, rimless eyewear. These low-maintenance designs range from trendy to elegant. They will create a terrific “wow” factor at the dispensing table and help make your bottom line smile too.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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