I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You and I have more in common than you think. You’re an eyecare professional and I’m a magazine editor, I know…but we both get to attend Vision Expo twice a year to see every eyewear brand under the sun showcase their newest collections. The difference between us is you probably take a look and decide what you want to stock your optical shop with, where I start to get ideas for how I will cover these new products editorially in the magazine. However, beyond that, I make sure to snap shots of everything that catches my eye so I can let our readers (ECPs like you) in on seeing products before they’re released to the public. Social media users love this. Getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at anything will generate attention, so you’ve got to recognize those moments and leverage them!

I know you’re busy doing business at the show, but it doesn’t take that much effort to whip out your smartphone and photograph the frames you think are going to be a must-have on your shelves. Not only will this be good for your own future reference, but you will start to generate buzz among your social media fans/patients.

Here’s what I do. I’m no stranger to being busy at the show-in fact, I usually have appointments every half hour all day. Out of everything a company shows me, I’ll grab two to three frames that stick out as most memorable and style them in an interesting way, then snap away! (And since you have experience with visual merchandising in your own shop, I know this should be easy for you.) It helps if you have a branded frame storage and display case or P-O-P that’s on the desk in the shot, or make sure the logo on the temples is visible, so you can easily identify the brand featured in the photo.

Another thing I like to do, just to make it more fun and humanize your brand, is take pictures of people (yourself, the rep, etc.) wearing the frames so you can show what it actually looks like on a person.

With so many visual sharing options today among Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there’s no excuse to not share your days at Vision Expo with your eyewear-loving patients. Take advantage of this amazing photo opportunity and brush up on your photo-taking skills! Your social media efforts will only benefit from it.

Ana Montoya is Social Media Director at First Vision Media Group.

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