• The m’eyeFit mirror can instantly share data with
integrated ordering and Practice Management Systems.

• The software is installed on a PC with “plug-and-play” ease.

• The unit takes fast and accurate measurments.

• It easily stores patients’ information for later recall.

• The sleek, compact design makes its advanced technology
accessible to practices of all sizes and scopes.

• The device offers the convenience and precision
of a mirror.

Essilor’s m’eyeFit mirror makes digital measuring and dispensing a breeze.

You need more than just a PD ruler, a penlight, and a protractor these days to expertly dispense premium quality progressive lenses that are digitally designed and produced. Essilor of America, Inc.’s m’eyeFit mirror is a new high-tech, yet cost-effective, dispensing tool that promises to impress your patients.

The m’eyeFit mirror is ideal for those practices looking for a solution that will work with their existing laptop or tablet. It offers all of the same benefits as the m’eyeFit Digital Measuring System but it features a unique mirror attachment that quickly connects to your PC or tablet with a USB cable and comes with plug-and-play software.

After attaching an included lightweight clip to a selected frame, the ECP needs to take just two photos to calculate all the patient’s measurements. The m’eyeFit mirror’s innovative 3D measurement protocol even takes the angle of the photos into account and compensates for parallax, so it’s not a requirement to raise the camera to eye level.

This makes it easy to measure for monocular distance and near PDs, fitting heights, vertex distance, wrap angle, pantoscopic tilt, and reading distance. The m’eyeFit mirror also calculates the A, B, and DBL of the frame, and very accurately measures for a full range of lens designs, including single vision and personalized digital progressives.

Lenses of this caliber require the precision and accuracy of a digital dispensing device such as the m’eyeFit mirror.

The frame comparison feature allows you to capture up to four photos of the patient wearing different styles. Patients can then email the photos to their friends to gather their opinions and to get feedback.

Use the illustrations and descriptions of lens designs and treatments to demonstrate add-ons via an education module with simulations, which will help patients understand all of their choices and potentially boost your eyewear sales.

m’eyeFit mirror is a great way for a practice to get into digital eyewear measuring and dispensing in a cost-effective way.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.

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