The Delta2 from Essilor Instruments USA centers, blocks, traces and edges.


Essilor Instruments USA’s Delta2 is an all-in-one system with full parallel workflow, so ECPs can prepare a new job while simultaneously edging a lens. Available in three configurations, this edger traces a wide range of lenses, including demo lenses, re-cut lenses and patterns, regardless of lens color or power. It can handle centering and blocking of many corrective lenses, including re-cut lenses. The Delta2 is ready to get to work on edging all kinds of materials up to base 6, including hydrophobic lenses.

Eliminating the need to move from one piece of equipment
to another, the Delta2 demon-strates ergonomic improvements in comparison to its predecessor, allowing users to maintain natural posture.

Place and Trace 3D technology allows for swift, efficient tracing with a guarantee of complete precision of the lens contours in 3D by way of the device’s Optical Shape Tracing technology. Meanwhile, step-by-step video content offers users on-the-job assistance, along with a zoom function to ensure a precise and parallax-free lens centering. In addition, the centering/blocking system offers up a smooth flow, which cuts back on the number of required operations.

Back story

Compact and straightforward, the Delta2 is ideal for ECPs with space constraints and manageable even for tight budgets. This innovative edging system is simple, user friendly and intuitive, increasing productivity while maintaining compatibility with mechanical tracers.

WOW Factor

ECPs have grown accustomed to the need for two-or even three-instruments in order to satisfy their edging, blocking, centering and tracing needs. With the Delta2, it’s one and done!


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