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If you read the literature pertaining to retail business, you’ll find a wealth of articles advising readers of the customization trend. It’s been emerging for about two years and it continues to grow. In fact, predictions are that it will grow dramatically as consumers continue to look for value in their purchases. The concept is simple: consumers will avoid a “me too” product when they can buy something they can customize and put their own “signature” on. Most everyone these days wants to express their individuality, and what better way to do that than through the products they buy? Larger retailers are ­focusing on this opportunity and stocking items that can be easily customized (like putting a unique case on a cell phone), as well as items that can be significantly customized (like ordering a computer with exactly the bells and whistles you want). No matter what the degree of customization, retailers around the world are implementing this trend and consumers are responding in a big way.

Arguably, no one understands customization better than the eyecare professionals who sell eyewear. That’s because they’ve been matching patient needs and wants to product features and benefits for decades, as eyewear is highly personal (due to thousands of Rx possibilities and the many eyewear options you can offer a patient). While rimmed eyewear can give you a few customization options, the eyewear product that is perfect for customization is rimless eyewear.

Whenever you create a frame with a rim, you limit its possibilities substantially. That’s ­because you have defined and limited the lens’ shapes and sizes to whatever the manufacturer makes (often just one or two sizes). You’ve also defined the frame’s material for that eyewire shape. That’s pretty restrictive when you think about it. If you want to harness the customization trend, the best way to do so is to offer rimless eyewear.

With Silhouette rimless eyewear, you can use its six points of customization-lens shape, frame style, frame color, frame size, lens size, and lens treatments-to create a ­totally unique pair of eyeglasses for your ­patient. Each of these elements enables you to precisely fit your patients’ faces, flatter their coloring and facial features, and let them express themselves by customizing their eyewear. In combination with their prescription, you’ll be crafting the ultimate custom-eyewear product for them.

Here are two eyewear makeovers that illustrate this point. Both subjects are editors for prestigious national publications who understand and influence style and fashion through their work. Once they understood how eyewear could be customized to compliment them, they embraced it.

Megan (Figure 1) wanted to be part of the retro fade trend that’s popular right now, but the outcome of her eyewear-buying experience resulted in eyeglasses that overpowered her face and looked pretty much like everyone else’s 1960’s look. With the right coaching, Megan customized rimless eyewear into flattering and becoming eyewear (Figure 2). Notice how the mounting’s thinness and coloring suit her. The shape is ideal for her heart-shaped face and the clean, crisp look lets her natural beauty shine through.

Tatiana likes to keep things simple and prefers the fundamentals in fashion, from the basic black dress she’s wearing to the basic black frame of her eyewear. Her choice of a black frame might match a lot of the clothing she wears but it creates dark circles around her eyes and makes her look older than she is. Its shape is also not suited to her face shape. In addition, the shallow lens shape makes her face appear long. In Figure 4, Tatiana is wearing a beautiful butterfly lens shape that’s perfectly suited for her face shape. The depth of the lenses was carefully chosen so that it won’t be shallow, like her old pair, but instead will allow the lenses to properly occupy the middle portion of her face. The look is fresh and the eyewear enhances her attractiveness.

Rimless is also a product that can insulate you from online eyewear sales. Most products sold online are simple to order. The more complicated they are, the more frightened of the purchase the consumer will ­become. Online buyers want to move through a purchase quickly, so they need fewer options to accomplish that. Knowing this, clothing manufacturer Hugo Boss is marketing “made to measure” suits in order to get customers into their stores and provide them with a ­totally unique product. Using this strategy, the buyer is offered a wide array of choices, then ­selects what flatters him or her best, thereby creating the ultimate customized suit. You can do the same thing with rimless eyewear by designing your customers’ eyewear one element at a time for a ­totally customized eyewear look that suits their ­images and lifestyles perfectly.

Customization is the new trend. It’s popular in everything, from designing your own sneakers, to the custom features you choose when purchasing an automobile, to the apps you add to your cell phone. Consumers don’t want run-of-the-mill products; they want something they can put their own stamp on. Rimless is the only eyewear category that enables you to satisfy the customization desires of your patients. Instead of offering them what you have in stock with rimmed eyewear, work with them to create their ideal customized pairs with the mountings, designs, and tools Silhouette offers. They’ll love you for it!



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