Couture fashion designer, Akris, features customized Silhouette rimless on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Model: Titan Dynamics chassis 7719 with an added top bar for a modern-cutting edge statement.
Adding a gradient tint on a rimless frame creates a look of instant eye makeup for a woman. The sky is the limit for what you can create with rimless!
Transforming this stylish Soho individual was a breeze! His cool vibe and statement cap pointed to the urban style of SPX Art+ with an aviator shape lens.

Rimless is a category of eyewear that brings benefits and value to both patients and eyecare professionals (ECPs) unmatched by any other eyewear category. Despite this, ­patients don’t always immediately recognize the value that rimless eyewear provides, so it’s good practice to highlight it for them during your presentations.

What most consumers want when they buy something is “value.” Value is often misunderstood. Some people believe it means an inexpensive price. For example, some stores carry “value lines” of clothes, implying cheap prices. That’s not value; that’s just inexpensive merchandise. Value is determined by the amount of quality and service you receive for the price you pay.

Value = quality / price. Looking at this formula, how do you increase value? You either lower the price of a product or service or you increase its quality. Here are some examples.

Let’s assume you bought a low-quality product for a cheap price-is that value? No, it’s low-quality, inexpensive stuff. What if you were considering buying a high-quality, expensive item? Is that value? No, it’s a good, quality product that you paid a premium price for. Value occurs when you receive a high-quality item (or service) for a price you perceive to be lower than you expected or believe it to be worth.

How many times have you said, “Man, I got a really good deal on that XYZ I just bought?” That’s value. Value is getting a good deal on something. It doesn’t simply mean the item was inexpensive. Value is often obtained by buying higher priced items.

Value is a perception, so it’s up to each buyer to determine if the value of a product is worth its cost. Since value is perceived, you must appeal to the buyer’s emotions and sense of financial reasoning. You do this during your product recommendation.

Referring back to the value equation, notice that if you increase the quality of an item while leaving its price the same, you ­increase its value. Patients learn the quality of items when you explain the product’s features and benefits to them. The more features and benefits you detail, the greater quality and value the item has in their minds.

Rimless eyewear has great value because it’s loaded with features that bring solid benefits to the wearer, some of which are unique to this eyewear category. For example, rimless eyewear is stylish, but so is a lot of other rimmed eyewear. What makes rimless unique is that it can be made into nearly any shape with endless lens treatments to bring it from classic to statement setting. In contrast, rimmed eyewear has a fixed look and, as a result, someone wearing rimmed eyewear looks exactly like everyone else wearing that style. However, ­Silhouette rimless eyewear blends into the wearer’s face and can be totally personalized. You can’t get that with any other eyewear category. That kind of flexibility makes rimless eyewear customizable and unique.

Personalization of consumer products is very popular these days, so this is an important feature to mention when recommending rimless eyewear. Using just about any shape, mounting configuration, color, lens type, and treatment, you can create just about anything you and your patient can envision. Sure, they could add a unique cover to their cell phone or order a new laptop computer with a few apps they like, but that pales in comparison to how unique their eyewear will be if they buy a rimless pair personalized by you!

Rimless eyewear is ultra-lightweight with some mountings weighing only a few grams. This lightness translates into comfort for the wearer that no other eyewear can match. ­Materials like Silhouette’s SPX (a proprietary alternative of plastic) and High-Tech ­Titanium frame materials provide these benefits. They also are durable, flexible, and easily adjustable. Since they have no rim and their mountings are usually thin, they provide an unobstructed view of the world. Rimless eyewear is also unobtrusive. When you wear them, you won’t just see eyeglasses when you look in a mirror, you’ll see you (and so will everyone who looks at you).

To help patients understand the benefits and the great value they’ll receive for buying rimless eyewear, review the features and benefits of the style you’re recommending. To enhance your presentation, demonstrate the eyewear’s lightness, flexibility, lens-shape versatility, and unobstructed view by comparing it to rimmed eyewear. As you do these things, you’re increasing the product’s quality, which also increases its value. Most consumers will realize a good deal when they see it…but only if you explain it to them this way.

One very effective way to demonstrate rimless eyewear is to wear a pair yourself and use it as a demo pair. Also keep a pair of rimmed eyewear available as a demo so you can contrast the differences. Since you’re wearing the rimless pair, you can tell potential buyers about your personal experience with it. Knowing that their ECP wears the eyewear being recommended to them instills confidence in the buyer that he or she is making the right decision.

Value is what consumers want when they buy eyewear. No other eyewear category gives them more value than rimless.



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