The 40 rimless pieces in these five trays provide 1,600 unique rimless eyewear options. That versatility keeps your inventory costs low and your profit potential high.
This customized lens shape and gradient blue tint takes this Titan Minimal Art to statement-making, avant-garde style.
Lenses created on Santinelli International’s ME-1200 Edger

By some accounts, rimless eyewear may have been around since A.D. 600. Others attribute J.F. Voigtlander with its introduction in 1824. No matter what the case, rimless eyewear has been an integral part of eyewear for a long time. While it goes though cycles of increased popularity, it’s ­always part of the eyewear scene. Some eyecare professionals (ECPs) currently feel that rimless has lost its appeal due to its huge popularity from the early 1990s until about five or so years ago. That’s a shortsighted view because rimless eyewear offers a great deal of optical and cosmetic ­benefits that no other eyewear category can provide. In light of this, the question you should ask yourself is, “Where does rimless eyewear fit into my practice?”

What do patients want from their eyewear? First and foremost, they want clear vision. That’s something that every pair of eyeglasses should provide, and the success of this factor is an outcome of the eye examination and the doctor’s lens prescriptions. But patients want more than good healthcare; they want their eyewear to be comfortable. That means lightweight materials, along with proper eyewear fitting and adjusting. They want fashionable styling that’s cosmetically right for them and a long-lasting, durable product. They also want value so that they feel they’ve obtained quality for the price they paid for their eyeglasses.

Rimless eyewear provides all of these benefits and more. Why? Because you can customize rimless eyewear so it can far exceed a patient’s initial expectations. No other category of eyewear can do this and it’s a powerful advantage you should not overlook when helping a patient select a pair.


If you want to provide the benefits that rimless eyewear can deliver, you’ll have to carry it and you’ll need a sufficient quantity to fulfill all your patients’ needs and wants. What’s the right amount for your office? That’s hard to say because there are so many variables, but having a dedicated display with trays can provide a huge number of options. For example, with five collection trays from Silhouette’s Style Center, each containing eight different shapes and colors, you can offer 1,600 unique options to your patients. That’s more ­options than most independent offices stock for their rimmed eyewear in a small, organ­ized footprint.This remarkable adaptability means that your costs are low while your profit potential is high. That’s a savvy business strategy and one both you and your accountant will appreciate.

Rimless eyewear is very versatile. Unlike rimmed eyewear that’s designed in categories (such as men’s, women’s, kids, suns, etc.) and has a defined shape, rimless eyewear is totally customizable and interchangeable. Choose any shape you want and make it in any eye size you want. Add all the lens options you want, including facets, engraving, colored grooves, slots, etc. Mix and match the various lens shapes and collections and you’ll have startling customization.

Rimless eyewear also fits just about everyone from kids to seniors and it will accommodate most prescriptions too. What could be more versatile?

TMA Icon – Model 5300 6058 Black Red Passion Titan Harmony – Model 4369 6054 Violet Variations SPX Art+ – Model 4393 6204 Purple Rose Silk

You’re excited about making rimless eyewear a more meaningful part of your practice, so how should you go about it? The simplest way is to offer it to everyone. Before you do this, consider having a staff meeting so everyone can discuss their ideas for introducing the rimless concept to ­patients. For example: Ask patients what’s important to them. They’ll likely respond with that of a lightweight, comfortable frame that can take the daily stress of life’s activities; a perfect platform to introduce rimless brand, ­Silhouette. You can also help them learn the key points they should use to help patients understand how much they’ll benefit from rimless eyewear. Once you’ve ordered your rimless inventory, give your staff some time to familiarize themselves with all the options and get comfortable mixing, matching, and customizing them.

While patients will surely benefit from rimless eyewear, so will you. Rimless eyewear enables an ECP to become a craftsman. You’re not edging lenses for some frame you took out of an envelope; you’re crafting ­custom-designed eyewear for your patients for lens shapes you’ve specified and perhaps modified or even designed, as well as drilling lenses and assembling components. This is the kind of thing most ECPs dream about doing, and rimless is the platform that lets you do this.

Since patients will get what they really want and need from their rimless eyewear, their satisfaction with you and your office will be high. This ­enhanced patient satisfaction encourages continued sales to your patients and promotes referrals. It also promotes patient loyalty, which is so important in growing a practice. They’ll keep coming back because they know they can get this kind of eyewear from you and they’ll view you now as an eyewear expert and craftsman, not just the seller of eyewear. That’s an important distinction.

Rimless eyewear should be a meaningful part of every optical office. Where does rimless fit into your practice?




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