Transitions Signature VII lenses are designed to adapt from fully clear indoors to a darkened shade outdoors.
The new lenses are more responsive to more lighting conditions.

Transitions has enhanced its photochromic technology with the introduction of Transitions Signature VII.

Transitions Optical, Inc. has devoted decades to improving vision comfort. Now it has pushed the boundaries of adaptive lens technology to a higher level once again with the release of the Transitions Signature™ VII lens. This latest iteration of the popular Transitions indoor/outdoor adaptive lenses delivers some wonderfully enhanced features.

Among the significant differences between Transitions Signature VII lenses and Transitions VI lenses is that the new lenses are more responsive to more lighting conditions. They are designed to quickly adapt from fully clear indoors to a substantially darkened shade outdoors in the sun with the use of a patented new technology known as Chromea7™.

Using an exclusive dye formulation, Chromea7 technology allows Transitions Signature VII lenses to be more responsive to UV in more situations. For example, the lens reacts to indirect sunlight, reflected sunlight, and becomes even darker on hot days. How significant is this advancement? In wearer testing, Transitions Signature VII lenses were preferred two to one over Transitions VI lenses.

Your patients will also appreciate the clarity of Transitions Signature VII lenses. Transitions Optical asked wearers of clear lenses to evaluate their new product. Test results showed that Transitions Optical accomplished its goal when eight out of 10 clear lens wearers rated Transitions Signature VII better than their clear lenses. These results validate how easy it will be for eyecare professionals to convert their clear lens wearers to them.

WHEN PHOTOCHROMICS BEGAN Photochromic lenses were introduced to the public in 1966. The original “photo” lenses were only available in glass and used light-sensitive silver halide crystals. The crystals were activated by the UV light. Other than the fact they were only available in glass, the photochromics had a slow fade back time that became markedly slower by the end of the first year. The early ’90s brought a viable plastic photochromic lens to the market. In recent years, several manufacturers have introduced photochromic lens options but the Transitions brand is the most popular by far. Transitions Signature™ VII is the latest technology in the photochromic market.

LIFE 360
To develop this new technology, Transitions Optical researched and measured how and what a wearer experiences in everyday life. The Life360™ approach was used to guide the research. Testing included traditional lab testing, but also encompassed live wearer testing, and real world measurements. The additional testing took into account more than 200 lighting situations and more than 1,000 real-world scenarios. For example, performance was evaluated while the wearer was facing the sun, away from the sun, or wearing a hat, etc. They also evaluated various temperatures, weather conditions, and geographies. Testing validated that Transitions Signature VII’s Chromea7 technology allows the lenses to be more responsive to those real life situations, making it 16% more reactive in all wearer positions than Transitions VI.

Real-life testing also determined that, on average, Transitions Signature VII lenses in gray are 15% darker and in brown 21% darker than Transitions VI lenses.

Transitions Signature VII lenses come in a neutral, true-to-life gray tint and a contrast-enhancing brown tint and in a range of materials including 1.50, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, polycarbonate, and Trivex material. It is available in single vision and progressive forms in all lens materials and also segmented multifocal options in 1.50 material to help meet your patient’s optical needs.

Transitions Signature VII joins Transitions XTRActive lenses and Transitions Vantage™ lenses as well as its many sunwear options.

Jill Luebbert is a certified paraoptometric and optician practicing in northeast Nebraska.


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