Marchon Eyewear’s Flexon memory metal frames became iconic almost immediately upon their introduction to the market because of their surprising flexibility, durability, strength, and lightweight material. Now, Marchon brings those qualities to sunwear with its Flexon Sun collection.


Six tried-and-true full-rimmed shapes that come in masculine colors make up the line. Flexon material is a metal alloy of titanium and nickel with the uncanny quality to “remember” and return to its original shape when flexed and released. Flexon Sun frames are 25% lighter than conventional metals and corrosion-resistant to resist tarnishing and increase the life of the frame.


Flexon Suns are offered in two subgroups, with three styles in each: Flyer and Laser Precision. The Flyer concept features sophisticated styling with enduring appeal, while Laser Precision boasts flat metal Flexon temples with a laser line pattern.

Flyer FS-5000 is a traditional aviator shape. Flyer FS-5001, however, is a modified aviator offering a wide field-of-view coverage. A modified rectangular shape is used in Flyer FS-5002.

Laser Precision selections feature a laser linear pattern on the temples so the frames play with shadows and reflections. The laser process cuts fine diagonal lines along the temples’ dark matte surface, revealing the lighter base color underneath. Laser Precision FS-5025 is an aviator while Laser Precision FS-5026 is a modified navigator, and Laser Precision FS-5027 uses a modified rectangle shape.


The Flexon Sun Collection is also equipped with PolarRepel lenses, a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic lens technology that allows superior protection against scratches and easily repels dust, water, and grease. Flexon Sun lenses are also smudge-resistant and extremely easy to clean.

Marchon’s Flexon Sun Collection offers flexible, durable, lightweight, and stylish eyewear that’s glare- and UV-protective. What great eyewear to meet patients’ sunwear needs.

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Jill J Luebbert is a certified para-optometric and optician practicing in northeast Nebraska.


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