Titanium Minimal Art Style No. TMA 4342 by Silhouette offers a modified oval nosepad that adds to the wearer’s total experience.
Style No. 7266L in LIGHTEC 2014 Women’s Sun Collection from Morel features elongated square nosepads.
PATIENT SATISFACTION As with any product or service you provide to your patients, having them be satisfied with their eyewear purchase is key to your success. One way to do is to invite them back on a regular basis for complimentary adjustment and cleaning. Are the nosepads beginning to wear, discolor, or break? Perhaps another nosepad style, shape, or material may be a better choice. Offering to replace their nosepads on the spot lets the patient know that you truly care for their visual comfort.

They are small, they hide inconspicuously behind the frame front, and yet they have a significant function in the fit and comfort of eyeglasses. Lately I’ve noticed nosepads are also taking on a look all their own.

Nosepads come in various sizes and shapes for a reason. The purpose of the nosepad is to assure that eye- and sunwear stay put comfortably on the wearer’s face. Sure, most nosepads are oval in shape, but modifying the shape and adding a three-dimensional aspect to them is important, and trendy too.

Titanium Minimal Art Style No. TMA 4342 by Silhouette Optical, Ltd. is a great example. Silhouette, known for its extremely lightweight, screwless three-piece rimless eyewear offers a modified oval nosepad that adds to the wearer’s total experience. Not only is the nosepad shaped for a secure fit, it is contoured to nestle in comfortably when worn using a slightly arched shape.

LINDBERG has many nosepad offerings within its family of eyewear products. This allows the eyecare professional to select the best one for each wearer. Two of the company’s pear-shaped nosepads come in medical silicone material. One is flat (Model No. T4143-02) and the other is arched (Model No. T4143-03). A third pear-shaped nosepad (Model No. T4143-06) is made of hard plastic. Each offers wearers a comfortable fit based on their individual needs.

Thinking outside of the box and creating nosepad shapes that are not the “norm” is also a part of this trend. The result is a distinctive look. Certain consumers gravitate toward looks and styles that stand out in the crowd. This differentiation includes elongated squares.

Morel understands this concept. Within its LIGHTEC 2014 Women’s Sun Collection is Style No. 7266L. This stainless steel sun frame is super sleek in design and the elongated square nosepads, featuring the logo, add to the intended look. Along with its unique shape, the special silicone material these pads are made of offers the wearer slip-resistant support.

The Universal Fit Collection by Ogi Eyewear is designed with unique facial structures in mind. Style No. 6001, an acetate frame with sharp angles, marbled color, and tapered temples, is designed for a contemporary look. Its elongated nosepads provide a customized fit.

Nosepads play a key functional role but they don’t have to be boring. More eyewear manufacturers are discovering this and making this aspect of the frame a special design element. The result is a new component of eyewear design that adds interest, fun, and function to the eyewear its use on.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician and a writer, lecturer, and course preparer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.


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