A new system opens up prescription sunwear options for many patients.

Shamir Insight, Inc.’s new X3 Sun System combines Rx lenses, proprietary mirrors, customized tints, lens engravings, and other elements into a sun package that takes sunwear to another level.

In the past, wrap sunwear has been limited, due to difficult prescriptions or complex frames. With Shamir’s X3 sun system, ECPs can offer Rx sun lenses in just about any wrap and non-wrap frame.

Custom tints can match the demo lenses, the frame color, or your patient’s specifications. Proprietary fashion mirrors come with a back-surface AR treatment. Custom engraving (up to 16 characters) is available on the front of the lenses. The use of blending zone technology cosmetically thins minus lens edges, ensuring myopes will love their sunwear. This package approach makes the selection process easy for both the ECP and the patient.

Shamir’s X3 Sun System is available in Shamir Attitude III designs only, including Attitude III’ — Fashion, Attitude III — Sport, and Attitude III — SV. It currently comes in PolyPlus, Trivex material 1.50, and plastic 1.60 and 1.67 in clear (to be custom tinted), polarized gray, and brown. NXT is available in polarized gray and brown, and photochromic green and copper.

The company offers an extensive array of merchandising tools including a merchandising tip sheet, a point-of-sale stand, frame tags, window decals, an acrylic logo block, a sample presentation bag, a sample authenticity card, and a frame pouch. ECPs can also acquire X3 program flyers and consumer educational leaflets, an availability chart, and a Shamir Arch™ flyer.

Customized sunwear is now available for everyone in just about any frame, thanks to Shamir’s X3 Sun System.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.

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