The ball, hole, and putter are kept in perfect focus with Shamir Golf lenses.
Most sunwear lenses don’t meet the demands of playing golf which is why Shamir developed Shamir Golf.
Few activities are more visually demanding than a round of golf. Golf requires a unique range of foci, and it places the golfer in demanding lighting situations. Ordinary sunwear lenses won’t meet those unique demands. That’s why Shamir developed Shamir Golf™ lenses.

To meet a golfer’s unique visual challenges, Shamir addresses some critical points with these lenses.

Golf scorecards are small and golfers must enter a point for each stroke. For the average golfer, that easily means 50 or more. Since many golfers are aged 40 and up, they’ll need a progressive lens that provides near focusing help. Since near focus use is limited in actually playing golf, Shamir places the full add power at the very bottom of the lens, which allows for wider intermediate and distance areas—viewing distances that are highly needed in golfing.


A par four golf course presents the golfer with an average distance of 250 yd. to 450 yd. from the tees to the holes. Accurately judging the distance and the terrain between the tee and the hole is crucial for an accurate drive and that elusive low score. Correctly reading a green 1,000 ft. away, while minding obstacles, requires a lens that provides the very best distance viewing. By incorporating free-form technology, the Shamir Golf lens delivers a wide, distortion-free, distance area.

Eyecare professionals usually think of intermediate as being at our arm’s length or at “computer distance.” This is where the Shamir Golf lens really shines. It places the all-important mid-range at putting distance (the distance between the eye and the feet when the golfer stands in putting position). It is also wide enough to allow a distortion-free peripheral view through the full putting arc, keeping the ball, hole, and putter in perfect focus.

Shamir Golf lenses are designed with the company’s As-Worn Technology and for use in the wraparound frames preferred by golfers.

Even if you do not play golf, you have probably seen golfers take a swing. When they do, their vision passes through the arc following their club. By enabling the golfer to do this, accuracy, distance judgment, and follow-through are all greatly increased. When the golfer can clearly see the ball on the tee, and immediately focus on the intended point of impact for the ball through peripheral vision, follow-through will ensure that the ball hits the intended target.

Polarization is not used in Shamir Golf lenses. Experienced golfers can read tell-tale signs from the way that the grass on a green lies and polarization filters that feedback out.

Shamir Golf lenses are designed with the company’s As-Worn Technology™ and for use in the wraparound frames preferred by golfers. This technology considers how the lenses will sit before the eyes when worn and adjusts the lens’ design to deliver the best possible visual experience. The lenses are also designed and produced using free-form technology to ensure precise power accuracy and superior aberration control.

Golfers are passionate about their game. Shamir Golf lenses promise to bring them the visual clarity and comfort they need.

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