Shamir provides two choices in the free-form occupational lens category to combat Computer Vision Syndrome.
The Computer and Workspace lenses from Shamir are designed with Natural Posture technology.

Shamir has designed two different lenses for patients who sit in front of a computer all day and those who also have other tasks in an office.

I doubt a single day goes by that you don’t hear a patient say to you: “I spend all day at a computer.” So, if you can follow that statement with a lifestyle-oriented, open-ended question like: “Tell me a bit about your working day,” you’ll discover that some folks really do spend much of their work day on a computer. Others, meanwhile, are on the computer about half their day and devote the other half working at every other distance.

The variations found in the work environment mean that no one lens design can adequately meet the needs of all office workers. Because of this, Shamir Insight, Inc. now provides two choices in the free-form occupational lens category: one a more traditional office design and another for the patient who needs extended intermediate viewing.


The Shamir Computer™ option is an office lens designed around the ergonomics and visual requirements of those working within a 5-ft. area. Even those who sit at a computer all day often need to speak to someone nearby, check written work, or focus on more than one computer screen. The Shamir Computer lens provides a visual field depth up to 5 ft., which incorporates the area immediately around a computer workstation. Shamir recommends the Computer lens for such professions as a lab technician, pianist, accountant, chemist, and data entry clerk.

Those who require viewing from near to beyond mid-range to far intermediate need a lens that is a little more flexible than a traditional office lens. Shamir WorkSpace™ is a lens designed around the ergonomics and visual requirements of those who move around an office throughout the day. The WorkSpace lens has a visual field depth of 10 ft., which incorporates the area beyond the cubicle, or the area in a more open office environment. Shamir suggests the WorkSpace lens for people who work as florists, sales clerks, nurses, chefs, hairdressers, and opticians.

Both new lenses combat Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). When used in an office setting, a traditional progressive design (distance through near) forces the head back, and places strain on the neck. When used in an office setting, single vision reader or intermediate powered lenses force the wearer to position their head to look over or under them (or remove them) for certain tasks. The tension created by poor posture has long-term detrimental effects on workplace productivity and job satisfaction.

The Computer and Workspace lenses are designed with Natural Posture™ technology, which places the wearer’s head in the most natural and relaxed position for the lenses’ intended uses. Both lenses also incorporate IntelliCorridor™ technology which provides a power corridor matching the natural movement of the eyes in the work setting, providing wider fields of vision and better sight.

Shamir’s Computer and WorkSpace lenses are offered using 1.50, Trivex material, 1.56, 1.58 polycarbonate, and 1.60 lens materials in a prescription range of +8.00D to -6.00D and from +6.00D to -6.00D in hard resin, scratch-resistant material. Depending on the material, polarized, Transitions, Transitions XtraActive™, and BluTech lens options are available.

No one office lens design is right for everyone. Now Shamir gives you choices so you can accommodate the visual needs of most people requiring intense viewing inside of infinity for much of the work day.

John Seegers is a licensed optician at Ryan Vision Center in Henrico, VA, and the creator of


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