Shamir FirstPAL is a low addition progressive lens designed specifically for new presbyopes aged 40 to 45.
 Shamir makes an assortment of free-form lenses that range from custom designed to golfing.

Founded in a kibbutz in Israel in 1972, Shamir Insight Inc. has become one of the major players in the progressive lens arena and an innovator in free-form technology. Like other lens manufacturers, it offers different levels of technology in its lens portfolio. Since many eyecare professionals (ECPs) “tier” their lenses, Shamir offers lenses in every category.

Autograph II® is a custom-designed lens that the company says provides the ultimate in visual acuity. Shamir claims this design is accurate to within 1/100D and provides up to a 20% wider field of vision than conventionally designed Pro­gressive Addition Lenses (PALs). Starting with a single vision blank, the Autograph II design is digitally surfaced on the back surface along with the patient’s Rx. Since acute vision can be affected by factors such as lens tilt, wrap (or panoramic angle) and fitting vertex, those factors are considered by the design software using Shamir’s As-Worn Technology™. Along with frame size and shape, all this information is used to produce an optimized prescription.

The Autograph II is available in four fixed fitting heights—11mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm. Since the original Rx is compensated due to As-Worn Technology, your lab will supply you with compensated powers in hundreds of a diopter. This represents the epitome of ophthalmic lens technology for discerning patients and those with difficult prescriptions. Offer this one first! The Autograph II represents the best in Rx personalization and better vision.

RELAX IN COMFORT! How about that emerging presbyope who spends a lot of time on the computer? Well, Shamir has a lens for them too known as Relax™. It’s technically a single vision lens with a power boost at the bottom, so it’s a kind of hybrid. No special measurements are needed and the segment height is fixed at 16mm. Relax offers just enough additional power to… well, relax the eyes after prolonged accommodation.
For a soft, wide, and stable PAL, go to the Shamir Spectrum™. This back-surface free-form design claims to open up the corridor and provide more comfortable vision at all distances. As a “semi-personalized” lens, Spectrum doesn’t have all of the features of Autograph II and some measurements are averaged. Even so, its aspheric/atoric back surface provides a wider field of view. This works especially well for high plus prescriptions in minimizing off center errors. Frame size and the patient’s individual pupillary measurements are taken into account too. Spectrum is available in 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm fitting heights so most frames and segment heights can be accommodated.

When more is too much (from a financial standpoint), consider the Element™ because it offers accuracy to within 1/100thD and up to a 20% increase in fields of vision compared to conventionally surfaced lenses. Shamir does this with EyePointTechnology® and Direct Lens Technology®. With EyePoint Technology, free-form surfacing equipment uses sophisticated computer algorithms to produce lenses with the highest power accuracy. In Direct Lens Technology, free-form surfacing equipment produces com­pensated curves so every lens is optimized for its frame and prescription. Measurements used for Element are pupillary distance, frame shape, and size.
GOLF & FIRSTPAL In March, Shamir came out with two new free-form products: Shamir Golf™ and Shamir FirstPAL™. Shamir Golf is designed for the golf enthusiast and offers a personalized, free-form design for wrap frames. It provides three distinct vision zones for the golfer: the near zone for the scorecard, the mid-range zone for the ball at the player’s feet, and the far zone for the green in the distance. Shamir FirstPAL is a low addition progressive lens designed specifically for new presbyopes aged 40 to 45. It offers clear and wide far vision and a comfortable reading zone. It is available in SuperLite™ 1.60, polycarbonate, and hard resin.
Element has two fitting heights: 16mm and 19mm. This lens is “insurance plans friendly” and offers uninsured patients cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

People are all very different; their lenses should be too. That’s why Shamir makes an assortment of free-form lenses that are in the spotlight this month.

Sharon Leonard is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY area.


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