BluTech lenses offer superior eye protection from ubiquitous blue light. 


As ECPs, we are fully aware of the importance of lens options for patients and the need to protect them from vision issues, such as blinding glare and UV light. However, there is another visual challenge that urgently needs addressing: blue light. Fortunately, Eye Solutions Technologies, LLC’s BluTech Lenses provide a solution to the modern pervasiveness of blue light.

High-energy blue light manifests itself through a variety of electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, televisions, and tablets. With traditional incandescent bulbs being phased out in favor of more energy-efficient fluorescent light, our indoor work and living environments are being bathed in dangerous blue wavelengths. BluTech Lenses feature a modern lens design that provides filtration protection commensurate with today’s ocular dangers.

BluTech Lenses are the first lenses produced with an ocular lens pigment that gives wearers a higher level of clarity while mirroring natural eye protection. This provides three benefits: filtering high-intensity blue light, decreasing glare, and preserving natural color perception. This is a significant advancement over older, “blue blocker” designs that were inconsistent in protecting wearers from dangerous areas of the light spectrum and color distortion.

Due to their unique filtration properties and soft-comfort tints, BluTech Lenses make an excellent choice for task-specific eyewear, such as those optimized for computer use or for sunny outdoor activities. In addition, their unique polarization formulation eliminates rainbow patterns, allowing wearers to see their smartphones and read through tempered glass without hindrance.

BluTech Lenses are available in an array of Rx and plano lens styles, including free-form progressives, as well as indoor and outdoor lens options. The lens’ 1.56 index material has an Abbe value of 46. And due to their high-impact resistance, BluTech Lenses are also an excellent choice for use in children’s eyewear.

Hazardous blue light is practically unavoidable these days. BluTech Lenses present a natural solution to this problem.

BluTech Lenses Candidates

• Post-cataract/LASIK patients

• High-risk/AMD patients

• Children under 18

• Wearers of computer eyewear

• Anyone interested in indoor and/or outdoor lenses

Richard McCoy is the owner of Fashion Eyes Vision Center in Fort Myers, FL, and an opticianry instructor at Hillsborough Community College in Fort Myers.

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