Sidney in Papperlook’s Hide Herlot collection features wood and paper inside, and leather on the outside.
PaperStyle frames are made entirely of layers of paper (Fer Red shown on left, Füch Letter shown on right).
The Out collection from Paper & Paper offers acetate styles that are overlaid with paper (Question Comic shown here).
SILMO SHINES Despite an uncertain economic climate in Europe and a strike by Air France, attendance at Silmo ’14 remained stable with 44% of the attendees from France and 56% from other countries. More than 150 out of a total of 900 exhibitors were new to the show. At the two-day Silmo Academy, participants attended workshops on eyestrain. And it wouldn’t be Silmo without the Silmo d’Or awards (this year’s ceremony was held at the infamous Folies Bergère theater) which are presented annually to exceptional fashion, children’s, sun, and sports frames and technologies. Next year’s show takes place at Villepinte September 25-28.

Durable and unique, eyewear made from paper presents a whole new slant.

With the plethora of frame materials on the market today, it’s no wonder that eyewear manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to showcase their designs. Recent novel materials have included eco-friendly wood and bamboo and lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. Silmo ’14 was the platform for a unique material-paper-which three different companies presented in a variety of ways.

Paper & Paper Eyewear
Each frame in Paper and Paper Eyewear’s two collections are handmade with paper and acetate and consist of 17 different shapes. The recycled paper comes from newspapers, comics, magazines, and craft paper, making each frame unique. In the “In” collection-available in double or triple layers-the paper is applied between the layers of acetate. Conversely, in the “Out” line, the acetate is overlaid with paper which is then filed, and finally protected with a special glue and varnish.

Paper & Paper Eyewear also has a collection of accessories and cases, handcrafted in paper, incorporating phrases, quotes, and sayings.

PaperStyle Eyewear
A different twist on the paper concept, Paper Style Eyewear is made entirely of paper. The eyewear consists of layers of paper that are made into a strong but flexible material. Up to 20 layers of paper from Fedrigoni, a producer of fine papers for printing, publishing, binding, packaging, and stationery in Italy, are placed on top of each other, shaped, and then vacuum-bonded using skin-friendly synthetic resin. The frame is then cut out using precision milling. This is then followed by manual “fine tuning,” filing, and polishing. The last layer is a special varnish that allows water and dirt to drip off. Frames are 3mm thick and just under 14g (including the hinge). The nosepads are cast from paper granulate to ensure optimum comfort.

Consisting of four different collections that have 120 styles in total, Papperlook is another take on the use of paper in its frames. The first collection, Papper, boasts eyewear made from 100% paper, while the other three lines have inner layers of paper but the outer and inner layers include other materials. In the second, Dreamfellers, the inside is made of wood and the outside of textured paper. In Hide Herlot, there is wood and paper inside, and the outside is textile or leather. Finally, Dinna Keen offers a leather interior, a middle of paper, and an exterior of wood.

Fashion and innovative technology have long been the core of eyewear and paper takes both to a whole new level. What material is next on the horizon?


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