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When was the last time you started selecting eyewear with your patient that you directed their attention to the hinge? That little-but technologically advanced component-is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects in frame choices. The foundation of the stability and longevity of the overall fit hinges on the hinge.

Robert Marc RM15
Silhouette 6053
Marchon, Airlock Element

Maui Jim’s engineered design allows the tip of the temple to “wrap” around the disc, according to Jay Black, vice president of global brand marketing. “There is no screw that can become loose, so that is why the tension and fit can be maintained,” he explained. With the addition of color to both the top and bottom of the disc hinge, the hinge blends into the eyewear itself. Black said that this design is so popular with retailers and wearers that the company employed the same hinge with its new ophthalmic line.

Silhouette Optical, Ltd’s foundation is rooted in lightweight and maximum comfort eyewear, handcrafted in Austria. The Hinge C2 collection for men offers a high-precision, screwless and maintenance-free hinge using 23-karat, gold-plated Titan. Weighing only 4.62 grams, the hinge’s sophisticated yet functional details have been seamlessly integrated into the overall frame design.

Morel, Alpha 1
Morel, Delta 3

Morel’s Lightec offers two exclusive, proprietary hinges, the Alpha and the Delta. Both designs have no screws and contain a blade that acts as a spring. Ultra-simple, the hinge is held in place by a hook that is visible on the temple in the form of a small contrasting line, according to Thomas Scotillo, product manager. The hinge is enveloped into the temple in an artistic design showing a simplistic and highly advanced strategy.

Marchon’s Airlock Element series also features a hingeless design made from beta titanium, which lends to this product’s lightweight, thin and flexible construction. The lack of a hinge allows the frame to be face-forming, creating a sleek minimalistic profile that hugs the wearer’s face.

The Robert Marc Collection with its trademarked ‘two bars and dot’ hinge was inspired by historical design and construction. Each Robert Marc hinge is hand assembled and plated with layers of precious metals: palladium, gold and ruthenium. Temples are then mounted on the hinge, individually nailed into place and hand-buffed for a final finish.

Kering Eyewear’s Brioni collection for men embodies crafted technology with modern Italian elegance created by skilled European artisans. The exclusive architectural hinge requires 26 working stages, while on average only six are necessary for the hinges of typical frames. Brioni’s hinge involves one spherical stem mechanism and five torx screws, which allows the temples to adapt to the unique shape of the face and adjust pressure. The result is maximum comfort and a happy patient.

When it comes to hinge security, the SPINE Collection from DeRigo REM was designed around its MIM hinge and cable system, which enables the frames to sit level on the patient who may have one ear higher than the other. The design allows for a comfortable, secure fit on patients of all head sizes, easing the responsibilities of eyecare professionals (ECPs).

MYKITA’s stainless steel frames use the distinctive, openly displayed MYKITA spiral hinge. It’s a natural extension of the temple and simply clicks directly into the frame front. MYKITA artisans manually shape the temples with the spiral hinge construction in a series of meticulous bending and folding steps. MYKITA acetate and MYLON frames are fitted with a hinge casing that confines the temple to a strict open-and-close function, allowing optimal function for the central element: a black carbon fiber spring. Carbon offers greater strength and durability than any conventional spring.

The technology in hinge designs should inspire ECPs to take another look at this important construction detail. The current concepts are simplifying and enhancing the world of eyewear by adding stability, durability, comfort and fit, opening doors for greater technology in the near future.

Jill Luebbert, CPOT, ABOC, is a certified paraoptometric technician and certified optician. She is location manager in an optometric practice in northeast Nebraska.


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