ECO-FRIENDLY has become a household buzz word. The term applies to a whole array of products that will help us preserve Mother Earth as well as change our lifestyle by biking or taking mass transit to work instead of driving, and recycling paper, metal, and plastic.

Children are taught in school at an early age about the benefits of using metal instead of plastic bottles and not wasting water by letting the faucets run. The subject of earth science has expanded to include all of the planet’s resources and how to protect them for the next generation.

Environmentally conscious consumers can now not only shop at vintage stores for clothes but also find apparel made from such eco-friendly fabrics as organic cotton, hemp, and soy in shops and online. And we’re not talking just about peasant blouses and skirts, but wedding and evening gowns, tailored suits, and sophisticated dresses. Designers who previously worked for high fashion labels are now going off on their own to create elegant clothing made using healthy manufacturing processes and fibers.

The optical industry is also jumping on the bandwagon and offering a host of eye- and sunwear made from sustainable products. One eyewear company even uses the leftover acetate on the factory’s floor to recycle into new styles.
Eco-friendly products have joined the mainstream which can only be a good thing for saving Mother Earth. n

Beth Schlau
Vice President, Editorial


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