A touch pen enables quick customization of any lens shape by quadrant.
The Xtreme D LT-1200 can accurately trace virtually any frame regardless of base curvature.

Tracing high wrap eyewear can be simple and accurate using Santinelli’s Xtreme D LT-1200.

Over the past few years, high wrap frames have hit the market in a big way! In turn, more patients have searched for these styles for their prescription eyewear, creating some difficult and even impossible tracing issues for older equipment. The gurus at Santinelli International, Inc. identified this need and solved it with its Xtreme D LT-1200 High Curve Tracer.

The unit uses proprietary 3D technology to digitally capture 1,000 digital reference points per eye to achieve greater one-cut edging results and a level of 99.9% tracing accuracy on virtually any frame regardless of base curvature.

Guided, easy-to-follow instructional steps make operation of the LT-1200 a breeze for all skill levels. Information is relayed through an ergonomically friendly 10.4-in. tiltable touch screen, showing lens processing information with speed and precision. Job data are shared with other lab components through a barcode reader, and a touch pen enables quick customization of any lens shape by quadrant. Unique Z tilt-angle adjustments can be made on the fly, and the LT-1200 is also available to store up to 1,000 data items for improved speed and convenience.

Traditional tracer tips can have a difficult time tracking the bezel of wrapped frames because the stylus is locked at a 90Ëš angle. This can result in the stylus falling out of the frame as it attempts to measure the frame. The LT-1200 solves this dilemma by using a variable fulcrum stylus in the turret that changes its angle in a three-axis way: horizontal, vertical, and rotational. This feature makes the tracer turret extremely accurate, positioning the fulcrum stylus perfectly every time regardless of the frame type.

Created from a super-durable Tungsten-carbide material, the new stylus provides 50% less contact pressure from stylus tip to frame (compared to former models) along the eyewire, which Santinelli claims produces the most accurate digital tracing possible while placing less stress on the frame. Full frames are traced within 30 seconds or less, and single lens jobs are traced in 20 seconds or less, making the LT-1200 an extremely efficient unit.

Rather than using traditional rubber belts, pulleys, or bearings, Santinelli chose to make the LT-1200 100% gear driven, which greatly reduces the risk of the unit breaking down or requiring costly maintenance. Additional improvements include repositioned upper and lower frame sliders that completely close when the tracer is not in use. This addition keeps dust, dirt, and other forms of debris out of the tracer core and helps to prolong the useful life of the tracer even further. The scissor-like tongue and groove design of the frame slider tips allow for one-touch clamping and provide additional capability to trace wider A measurement frames, along with thicker DBL sections that cannot be performed on standard frame tracing equipment.

Setting up the LT-1200 is a snap, requiring only a standard plug and play RS-232 cable and a power cord. The tracer is compatible with numerous edger and blocker combinations and lab management software systems, possibly making it the final piece needed to keep more of your lab work and profits where they belong-in your office.

Santinelli has things all wrapped up when it comes to tracing high wrap eyewear with its Xtreme D LT-1200 High Curve Tracer.

Francis Gimbel, Jr. is a licensed optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.


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