Vision-Ease Lens’ MyCoat can produce quality AR lenses and mirror treatments in one hour.

With its small footprint, multiple coating functions, fast turnaround time, and ease of use, Vision-Ease Lens’ MyCoat coating system presents an opportunity for mid- to large-size retail labs to produce quality AR lenses and mirror treatments in-house. Such a system can significantly increase profits for a retail lab by reducing the time needed to process jobs. It can also increase patient satisfaction by providing same-day service and higher quality control.

Measuring only 28 in.W x 32 in. D x 68 in. H, MyCoat is smaller than the average vending machine and can easily fit into a retail office lab. Due to the growing demand for AR and mirrored-treated sun lenses, MyCoat can expand in-house capabilities. It is fast and efficient too. In just 15 minutes, it can coat six pairs of AR or mirror-treated lenses. Think of the competitive advantage this kind of service can give your office. You could also sell more of these lenses because of their high quality and fast turnaround time. Operating an in-house coating system can enable you to coat lenses in small batches, finish glasses quickly, increase profits to your bottom line, and expand your client base.


• Uses vacuum sputter coating technology
• Five-layer super hydrophobic AR treatment
• Super-reflective or subtle mirror treatments
• Less than 15 minutes to process multilayer AR/mirror treatments
• Can coat six lenses at a time
• Hardcoat compatibility with all manufacturer-applied hardcoatings
• Complete on-site operator training
• Can be operated remotely, including troubleshooting, using an Internet connection
• New coating designs uploaded via the Internet

Steven Warfield is a lab technician and freelance writer based in Harrisburg, PA.

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