The Leader C2 employs V Port technology which provides the wearer with peripheral vision cutouts at the chassis ends.
Athletes can include their individual numbers on the Leader C2.
The Leader C2 is offered in six colors and has 12 possible accent colors.

Young athletes can become masters of the field or court with Hilco’s Leader C2 sports goggle.

Most organized team sports have rules about wearing sport safety goggles and other eyewear. But to gain the protection of sport goggles, team members have to actually wear them. Good news: Hilco makes something players want to wear with its feature-loaded ASTM F803 Rx-approved Leader C2 Rx Sports Goggle.

The first thing you’ll notice with these goggles is the V Port technology, which provides the wearer with peripheral vision cutouts at the chassis ends. The V Ports facilitate a wider range of vision and improve ventilation. With a viewing range that’s up to 20° greater than what other goggles offer, the Leader C2 has no blind spots, so wearers have no need to turn away from the action. Improved ventilation also means less sweating and less annoying fogging up.

The Leader C2 comes with soft rubber, fully adjustable, wire-core temples, which allow the wearer to switch between sports and helmets without changing glasses. Ready for wear and tear, the C2’s soft rubber bridge piece is replaceable (as are the temples). It’s made with a lightweight nylon material, and comes in three sizes: 49mm/16mm (extra small), 52mm/16mm (small), and 57mm/16mm (medium).

Hilco’s Lens-Lok™ center-opening mounting system and its SprinGuard™ lens retention system provide unmatched ease and safety during lens insertion. Also, switching from conventional temples to a single back-of-the-head strap or to an under-the-helmet configuration is easy with Hilco’s Strap-Adapt™ headstrap and under-the-helmet strap.

The company offers a full Rx service for the series through its Vision Protection Express Rx Program. Prescriptions are available in +6.00D through -8.00D and out to 3.00D cylinder.

Team or school colors are key for many wearers, and with this style, patients can match their frames to the color combination they’re looking for. The fashion-forward frames come in six colors (black, green, red, white, gunmetal, and navy), and can be customized by the addition of 12 accent colors (red, white, black, silver, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, gold, purple, and maroon. Since the Leader C2 is available in both plano and Rx forms, it’s easy to outfit an entire team in coordinating eyewear and with individual jersey numbers! This is sure to make your athletic patients happy.

Merchandising options include six-piece, 12-piece, and complete vision protection display units. All frames include a protective case and cleaning cloth.

The Leader C2 proves that protecting eyes from harm during rigorous sports doesn’t have to be dull-in fact, it can be functional, colorful, and stylish!

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