Classic Detroit cars and stunning American landscapes drive the 2018 Serengeti campaign and new collections.

Exploring and making the most of each moment is how Serengeti wants wearers to feel in its 2018 collection. With a new logo and brand identity, Serengeti’s goal is to convey a spirit of Americana and adventure that underscores the company’s commitment to producing the best driving sunglasses in the world in one stylish piece of eyewear.

“We have the most advanced eyewear technology, and we are excited to share it with a larger audience. Our first lens ever–and our best seller to this day–is the Drivers, engineered to enhance reds, yellows and greens, resulting in vivid colors and optimized contrast when on the road,” explained Vanessa Rebelo, Serengeti global product manager. She continued, “This is a brand that was born in America and one that has never relinquished its distinctly American dedication to technology, quality and the highest manufacturing standards.”

There are six sub-collections for 2018: Sport Nylon, Classic Nylon, Premium Nylon, Classic Metal, Premium Metal and Acetate. Some feature Serengeti’s 3 in 1 technology that comprises photochromic properties, polarization and Spectral Control (blue-light protection); there is also a non-polarized collection. Key styles are equipped with either the Signature or Wire Flex hinge. The Signature features lost-wax casting, an intricate method of artisanship used in the making of fine jewelry and art, while the Wire Flex hinge is designed for comfort, adapting to facial contours. For an element of customization and fashion, eight different lens tints are available.

Serengeti’s mineral lenses begin with borosilicate optical glass from Corning. An anti-reflective coating is added to the backside of the lens, the lenses are chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance. “Our lenses, which are 20% thinner and lighter [than ones used in previous generations]are created in the same process normally reserved for ophthalmic-quality corrective lenses,” Rebelo said.

Even if your customer isn’t motorsport champion and Serengeti fan Giancarlo Fisichella, if they are travel, design, automobile or architecture enthusiasts—or just those who just appreciate a solid pair of driving glasses—they will want to cruise your optical for these latest looks.

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