RevolutionEHR’s Rev360 helps eyecare professionals build their businesses and experience more profitability.

With two services, RevCycle and RevAssure, already available to RevolutionEHR users, the company launched Rev360 as a distinct ECP business services company in September 2015. RevAspire was added as the latest Rev360 offering in December. All three services offer unique value to lighten the load of the practice owner, all built around RevolutionEHR. Think of Rev360 as the solar system with the sun as RevolutionEHR, everything revolves around the sun. That’s how these services are delivered-with RevolutionEHR software at the center. The cloud-based system affords a virtual, shared experience that allows Rev360 to deliver services to ECPs with greater efficiency and ROI.


Hassle-free insurance billing? That’s the promise of RevCycle. The entire billing cycle, from claims submissions to posting payments to creating monthly reports, are handled by a team of claims, insurance and medical billing experts. Claims are submitted in a timely manner so they get paid quicker, and claims are more likely to be submitted correctly the first time. It is fully integrated with RevolutionEHR and provides monthly reports on activity, claims management and insurance AR aging reports.


A team of coding experts provide monthly reports that randomly review patient charts to ensure correct, and current, coding. This helps two-fold: It reduces your risk of having to pay out for incorrect submissions if you are audited and gives you assurance that you are coding and billing correctly from the start, and thus not losing any revenue. Five patient encounters are selected from RevolutionEHR based on the topic of the month, for example, vision exams, disease-focused encounters or evaluation and management coding. Feedback is given if you are under-coding and losing potential revenue or if there are any red flags which could trigger an audit.


Dreams of submitting meaningful use and Physician Quality Reporting System data was most definitely not part of your career goals. RevAspire experts can do that for you, eliminating the hours of time it takes to get it done. The program provides an initial assessment followed by semi-annual consulting sessions to help you meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services quality reporting requirements. If you do find yourself audited, the RevAspire team will help you compile all the necessary information to pass your audit.

Future plans for Rev360 include patient engagement services and SmartFlow, a technology-based service integrated directly within RevolutionEHR that will streamline the ordering process between practices and product partners.

Kim Pickett, COMT, is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN. Joanne Van Zuidam
is senior editor of VCPN.

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