The Water Lens is available in frame styles that wrap around the face to block ambient light.

The new Revo Water lens is customized for the light patterns of open water.

As eyecare professionals, we know that one lens cannot encompass every visual need. There is no one-size-fits-all option. With that in mind, performance eyewear brand Revo has introduced a specialized polarized lens tailored to one of the places that such technology is most valuable: the open water.

An ocean water environment reflects a large amount of blue and green light. Most sunglasses combat this the same way they combat all light conditions by blocking the entire color spectrum, resulting in colors that are all dimmed equally. The new Revo Water lens is designed to filter only ­certain wavelengths, responding specifically to the light-reflecting patterns of water. This nuanced approach allows colors to come through more fully and accurately so wearers see more naturally balanced colors. For example, boaters can see equipment more clearly and anglers can view lures and fish with more accuracy.

The Water Lens uses its base material, high-contrast polarization, and mirror treatment to fine-tune the wavelengths that it filters. Most of the magic happens in the mirror treatment, which can be adjusted to reflect different color wavelengths. This allows excessive greens and blues to be reflected off of the front surface of the lens while other colors pass through to the eye. The result is balanced color that is more true-to-life.

Revo prides itself on using high-quality materials. In addition to the Water Lens technology, each lens has Element Shed, an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, and a backside anti-reflective treatment. The lens material itself is Revo’s proprietary Seril­ium polycarbonate, which Revo claims is the only form of polycarbonate cap­able of withstand­­ing high-velocity impacts from objects like flying gravel. And their patented Taper Corrected Optics technology controls any distortion and aberrations that may be caused by the heavy wrap of the frame styles.

The Water Lens was introduced in conjunction with four new frame styles. All are designed to wrap around the face to block ambient light for active on-the-water use. Another patented Revo concept, the MotionFit system, is a design that distributes frame weight evenly for greater comfort.

Three of the four models are eco-friendly, made of a pre-consumer recycled nylon that is made from the seed of a castor bean plant (unlike most nylon which is usually petroleum-based).

Guide is perhaps the most straightforward frame, with a traditional soft rectangular eyeshape and thick temples that block peripheral light. Stern is a more retro style. It has larger, squarer, slightly Wayfarer-like lenses, but still maintains the all-important light-blocking wrap design. Back­bay has a shield lens, creating optimal optical clarity across the entire frame front. Waterway is the only metal frame in the collection. It is made of lightweight titanium and has spring hinges and adjustable nosepads. The design is similar to the Stern, but the titanium gives it a lighter, sleeker look than that frame.

All the frames (excluding the Backbay shield design) are prescription-ready. The Rx range is -3.00D to +2.00D, with a 3.00D cylinder maximum.

With the Water Lens, Revo is showing that wearers needn’t make do with one universal style of polarized lens. Instead, sunglasses can be customized for different activities and environments.

Kate Jacobs is an optician at the optical shop at Scheie Eye Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

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