What do reptiles (as a species) and sunwear have in common?  They both need to adapt to the elements and different climates on land and water. Combine these qualities with timeless styling and you have beautiful, wearable, and comfortable Reptile Polarized Sunglasses.

With names like Venom, Slither, Fang, and Gator, the plastic frame models in the Reptile collection are sleek and stylish. These sunglasses are hypoallergenic due to their natural composition of up to 90% cotton fiber and the finest proprietary blend of Mazzucchelli acetate. Hand polishing brings out the colors that are embedded in the material, not sprayed on like some other molded frames.

Metal models such as Rattler, King Snake, and Cobra 2, are made of monel. This enables them to be comfortable, balanced, and structurally strong. Add monoblock spring hinges and you have one tough sunglass to wear during your favorite outdoor activities.

The sunglasses are available either with TPC-X (Titanium Polarized

TOP: King Snake; BOTTOM: Niger

Crystal), 1.8mm glass lenses, or Polynium (polycarbonate base) technologies. All lenses deliver 100% UVA and UVB protection, as well as HEV (High Energy Visible) light protection.

Their AMP (Advanced Multi Protection) tinted polarized lenses have a proprietary titanium hardcoating and a multilayer anti-reflective treatment on the back surface. The final Reptile Skin™ adds an oil and waterproof coating. Polynium lenses have an additional Croc-Armor™, a hardcoating the company claims delivers the industry’s toughest scratch protection.

TOP: Agamid; MIDDLE: Gilbert; BOTTOM: Lacerta

With three lens color options, anyone spending time outdoors is sure to find a winner. Titanium Black Ice (BIC) is a gray base tone, Titanium Gold (GLD) has an amber color, and Titanium Fire (FIR) has a rose tint. And yes, they’re available in Rx form for single vision and progressive wearers.

Each Reptile frame is ergonomically designed to help provide the ultimate comfort for wearers. With their attention to detail, Reptile sunglasses are durable, practical, and comfortable—perfect for outdoor activities ranging from mine hiking to kayaking to fishing to beachcombing!

Debra R. White is a former opticianry professor. She is currently an optical consultant, lecturer, and writer.

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