Western Optical Supply’s Swarf Removal Tool cleans edged and etched lenses, with precisely sized, squared corners to fit standard sized rimless grooves.

Used to remove the residue that remains after edging polycarbonate and Trivex lenses, Western Optical Supply’s Swarf Removal Tool is made in the U.S. of spring steel mounted into a nickel-plated steel handle. The tool’s curved edges help keep the scraping blade balanced on the edge of the lens, and squared tips are specifically designed to fit precisely within the groove of nylon-wire rimless lenses.

1. The Swarf Removal Tool is used to remove the residue that is left after a polycarbonate or Trivex lens is edged. The swarf is cleaned away from the edge of the lens where the safety bevel would be.


2. The inside curve of the tool, which is slightly bulbous at the top to prevent it from sliding off the lens, is used to scrape the swarf from the finished lens. The tool is easy to maneuver without slipping, preventing any potential scratching of the lens.


3. Squared off ends on two corners of the tool are 0.5mm across to snugly and securely fit within a standard 0.6mm groove on a lens etched for semi-rimless eyewear.


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