SPY’s Crosstown collection presents fashion-forward sunglasses with advanced lens technology.

The Crosstown Collection, handmade acetate sunglasses with mixed metals and lustrous details, features 13 unique unisex, female-, and male-specific styles-each with its own distinct design story. Crosstown frames are inspired by life in the city, music, art, and the pursuit of happiness through outdoor adventures. New to the collection are several muted translucent jewel tones (melon, dusty rose, and aquamarine) which add a pop of color to this fashion-forward line, as well as a funky plum camo tort and a bold dark tort. All models are available with SPY’s Happy Lenstechnology.

Back story
Crosstown was created for anyone who wants to be happy and on-trend, from the young professional living in New York City to the beachside blogger walking the streets of Venice, CA. P-O-P materials to support the collection include postcards, cube cards, easels, risers, and buttons. All Crosstown Collection styles come with a premium leather case and sunglass leash.

WOW Factor
Because of its superior materials and inclusion of SPY’s Happy Lens technology, the Crosstown Collection stands out among other sunglasses on the market. This technology allows the sun’s “good” rays (long-wave blue light) that studies suggest create an uplift in mood and alertness to filter in, while blocking the sun’s “bad” rays (short-wave blue light and UV rays).

Research indicates that exposure through the eyes to these “good rays” brings about a number of positive physiological changes, including elevated mood and increased alertness.

Eyecare practices are ultimately selling the proposition of being happy, especially with their patients’ eyewear, and who can say no to that!


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